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Welcome to the Bushong United Family Tree, dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the Bushong genealogical record - its heritage.

As with all things, there can be only one truth, and there can be only one true Bushong genealogical record. And that is the record that is found in the Bushong United Family Tree, the Gold Standard for Bushong genealogy. Or simply put, it is the most accurate, most complete, best sourced, and largest Bushong database in the world. And if your tree doesn't match its branch in the Bushong United Tree, then it's probably wrong, so fix it. Either or, send in your additions, or cite sources and prove your side, so the Bushong United Tree can be corrected. Regardless, in Bushong genealogy, there can be only one truth.

In creating the Bushong United Tree, I was also able to solve many of the age-old mysteries surrounding this Bushong-Boschung family, even tracing them back to Germany and Switzerland. Though I didn't set out to, in the process, I became a "Bushong Expert". It's no secret how, because it happened by going through thousands of Bushongs, and if you'd charted the Bushong family into a tree and studied it as I have, you'd be one too.

Of course, it was a lot of work, but I eventually charted all the Bushongs, beginning with the FindaGrave Bushong listings, then continuing with the entire 1930 US Census. I charted them, using a simple program called Family Tree Builder, (available for free download from My Heritage). Each name with their details was entered, which created the database and a family tree consisting of thousands of Bushongs, The Bushong United Family Tree. All of us can surely recognize that the only way to keep track of all the various Bushongs and their branches is with a family tree, or at least you need access to one.

But here at Bushong United, you can have access and are free to share the Bushong United Tree, as well as all of our articles, documents and photos from this Colonial American family. You can study here online, or even download photos, or the family tree. The tree can then be imported into your own tree or even used to begin a new tree. So with all this, hopefully there will someday be more trees and experts, who can advance the Bushong Family Heritage even farther. But unless you have a tree, don't even try, you'll never be able to keep up with all the Johns, Jacobs, Williams, and the rest.

Rick Bushong
Note: these articles, images, and photographs will not be here, online, forever.
If any of this information is relevant to your family, copy it, archive it, and back it up!

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Hello readers,
I'm currently working on an expansion and revision, of the Johann Nicholas Bushong article, here, which will be what the next post is about. There are also a couple of new articles, (pages), that are tied to it, so all will be updated and uploaded at one time. They should be done soon and will be published here at Bushong United for everyone to share.

For those on the Hans side, the two brother's lives were closely linked together in Pennsylvania, and he was involved too--check back and they'll be here.
And remember...
Genealogy doesn't happen overnight.

April 12, 2018
Ask Your Cousins
Granny's Photograph

The Classic Granny - Mary Bosserman Bowen Rothrock
Click to enlarge. For uncropped image click here

I was looking at an online tree (on the other day, and I found a very nice portrait. Her maiden name was Bosserman, and I'd remembered there were Bossermans in our tree. Specifically, from Van Buren Twp., in Hancock County, Ohio, Harriet Bosserman, 1852-1940. Harriet married John Bushong, 1855-1918, the son of Simon Bushong and Mary Jane Morrison (see the tree). However, after checking, this beautiful portrait is sadly, not part of our Bushong Heritage. Its subject, Mary Bosserman Bowen Rothrock, is at best, only a shirt-tail relative, being a first cousin to our Harriet.

Clarence Rothrock, Mary's son, before his death in 1899. Clarence is using a unique large format "view camera," that possibly used five-by-seven inch sheet film.
        Still, in its own right, it's a wonderful portrait, and could perhaps represent everyone's ideal of a Classic Granny. It's the type of portrait we all want in our family's tree. Mary's photo was taken by her grandnephew, Harry R. Lapp, 1894-1970, probably when he was still a teenager, and it is thought to have been featured in a number of national magazines and newspapers. Young Harry, inevitably became interested in photography early on, from his older cousin, Clarence Rothrock. Cousin Clarence was Mary's youngest son, and his interest in photography at an early age, is proven in a photo of him, with what appears to be a homemade camera. Tragically in 1899, at just fifteen years old, Clarence drowned at a family picnic. It's altogether possible that when Harry was a little older, his great aunt Mary gave him the camera. Maybe it was the very camera he used it to take Mary's photo?

But more to the point... just as Mary's descendants, would have found her portrait in their cousins' photo albums and collections, so it is with us. As such, if we want to find our old family photographs, we need to look to our cousins. As an example, a year or so ago, I received a bunch of wonderful original and old family photos from a second cousin. My grandfather was one of seven children, and he would have received more or less an equal part of his parent's photos. Yet, his grandniece, had dozens of priceless (to Bushongs) original photos. Many I'd never even seen and one actually helped identify two 1860s photos that had been a puzzle for over 35 years! My cousin had a lot of Bushong photos and her family hadn't been named Bushong for three generations. I'm not alone, and I often communicate with Bushong descendants, who find new photos and more often than not, they are from cousins.

That is the point, our cousins have the family photographs. The family photographs from grand, great and great great grandparents, were given to (or pilfered by) their children who aside from our direct lines, are our some kind of great, uncles and aunts. Our family's photo collections and albums were broken up and scattered to the children. The more generations back and the more children, the more scattered they are. Then they were inevitably passed down and are now in the hands of our cousins and they may have no idea who the old photos are of. Our second third and forth cousins have the photos.

So if we want family photos, such as the "Classic Granny" (above), for our branches in the Bushong or any family, then we have to find and communicate with our cousins. Become, as they say a cousin stalker, or possibly better said a cousin tracker. And perhaps as a hint, when pursuing photos and communicating with cousins, I've always found it helped to have my own good quality photographs and offer them first. Then everyone is more interested in sharing. But if we want photographs of our family, we need to get them from the cousins.

Incidentally, the Bushong United Family Tree, has almost 2000 living Bushong descendants listed. However, the tree for anyone born after 1930 or not marked deceased is "privatized" and not available publicly. But if I can help you find living cousins, please email me and I'll let you know what I have. Regardless, we have to find the remaining pictures before they are lost, in a fire, in a flood, or they just fade away....

So if you want a chance to find photos like Granny's, just hope there was a photographer like Harry in your family and ask your cousins.
To see Mary's original scan before restoration, click here,

March 19, 2018
Warning-Alert  Bushong Heritage For Sale  Warning-Alert
John Bushong Husband of Eve Dorothea Eckman
Original 1793 Pennsylvania Land Warrant

There is a beautiful original Land Warrant up for auction on Ebay.

A 1793 Pennsylvania Land Warrant for John Bushong,click to enlarge.

Here is their auction advertisement...

1793 Pennsylvania Land Deed to John Bushong - Gov Thomas Mifflin Signed Document

Description: 1793 Pennsylvania Land Deed to John Bushong - Governor Thomas Mifflin Signed Document. To settle and improve 400 acres of land. Other signatures on the grant are Alexander W. Dowell, Deputy Surveyor and Henry Beck signing for the Surveyor-General Daniel Broadhead. A very nice old document in excellent condition. Thomas Mifflin (January 10, 1744 – January 20, 1800) was an American merchant and politician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was the first Governor of Pennsylvania, serving from 1790 to 1799. Born in Philadelphia, Mifflin became a merchant after graduating from the College of Philadelphia.

Ends 7:19AM Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Bidding starts at $199.00
Reduced: $129.00
Buy it now price:US $350.00
To see it, along with other photos of it, on Ebay, click here

Johannes John Bushong, 1750-1831, was a grandson of Hans John Bushong and Barbara Bushong, the immigrants, he was born in Lancaster County, the year after his grandfather died, and he was doubtless named after him. He married in 1777 Eve Dorothea Eckman and they are known to have had eight children. To see John's funerary record on FindaGrave, click here.
BUSHONG LINEAGE: Johannes John Bushong/ Hans Philip and Anna Eva Hergard/ Hans and Barbara Bushong, the immigrants/ Hanss John Boschung (III) and Anna Maria Boschung of Switzerland, (immigrated before 1719)/ Hans Boschung (II) and Anna Stocker/ Hans Boschung (I) and Anna Anneler/ Michael Studer-Boschung and Dichti Jaggi.
I have transcribed the warrant here...
"The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Whereas John Bushong of the county hath by this application filed in the Land-Office, set forth that he is desirous to settle and improve four hundred acres of land lying north and west of the river Ohio and Allegheny and Conawango creek, Bounded on the North by land this day applied for by Jacob Bushong , on the East of the Allegany River for which he agrees to pay, immediately, into the office of the Receiver-General, for the use of this state, at the rate of seven pounds ten shillings per hundred acres, in gold, silver, paper money of this state, or certificates agreeable to an Act of Assembly, passed the first day of April 1784; an to an Act, passed the third day of April, 1792, entitled "An Act for the sale of vacant lands within this commonwealth." These are therefore, to authorize and require you to survey, or cause to be surveyed, unto to said John Bushong at the place aforesaid, according to the method of townships appointed, the said quantity of acres, if not already appropriated, and to make return thereof into the Secretary's Office, in order for confirmation; to the said John Bushong, his heirs and assigns, he or they cultivating, improving and settling the same, and complying with the conditions, and requisitions in the last recited Act expressed; for which this shall be your warrant.

In Witness whereof Thomas Mifflin Govenor of the said commonwealth, hath hereunto set his hand, and caused the less seal of the said commonwealth to be affixed, the twentieth day of December in the year 1793"
The warrant has more writing on the back stating the land was in Allegheny County. Interestingly it mentions Jacob Bushong, (his brother), who received land, next to John's on the same day. The auction description says it's signed by then Pennsylvania Govenor, Thomas Mifflin, but the entire form is filled out in the same writing, so it is doubtful if the governor was filling out land warrants. Who knows if the $199 minimum bid was a fair price, but now the opening bid is $129 and the document appears to be in pristine condition!

I checked in the Bushong Unitd Tree and there are numerous living descendants of John and Eve, who could be interested.

These land warrants are exceedingly rare and if it were my branch, I'd frame it and proudly hang it on my wall!
March 10, 2018
Updated March 18, 2018 -Not sold, check Ebay
The Original 1754 Passenger Manifest
From the Ship "Recovery"
with Andreas Bushon

As most know, Anthony Andrew Bushong is the progenitor for a good portion of the Colonial Bushong family. He and his line are the so-called "Kentucky Branch" or if you will, the "Pioneering Branch", since they were the first Bushongs in Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio.
BUSHONG LINEAGE: Anthony Andrew Bushong/ Johann Nicholas Bushong and Anna Magdalena Schaffner (the immigrants)/ Hanss John Boschung (III) and Anna Maria Boschung of Switzerland, (immigrated before 1719)/ Hans Boschung (II) and Anna Stocker/ Hans Boschung (I) and Anna Anneler/ Michael Studer-Boschung and Dichti Jaggi.
Johann Anton Andreas Boschung immigrated with his parents in 1732 to Pennsylvania, and he's listed on the ship's manifest, (3rd row #35), here. But, unlike any of his Colonial siblings or cousins, at around the age of 36, Andrew sailed back to Europe. Then he returned to America in 1754 on the Ship "Recovery." landing in Delaware. To read more about Andrew, click here.

The "Recovery's" manifest was not transcribed or listed in Daniel Rupp's Thirty Thousand Names... book, so the source generally sited for Andrew's 1754 arrival is from transcriptions of the ship's manifest, published in 1934 and titled:
  Pennsylvanian German Pioneers, A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals In the Port of Philadelphia From 1727 to 1808.
by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, LL.D., (Andrew and the "Recovery" are listed in Volume I. 1727 - 1775, pages 559 and 660).

However, the other day, I was going through some papers sent to me by our renowned Bushong researcher and huge Bushong Bulletin contributor, Judy Cassiday, when I spotted a copy of the original manifest! I hadn't noticed what it was before, since it was "reverse image" or in other words, virtually all black, as Negative Photostats from the decades ago were. But it was easily converted back to it's original appearance that could be read and surprisingly made a pretty nice copy.
 So now, thanks to Judy, here is a copy of the Original 1754 Passenger Manifest from the Ship "Recovery". Andreas Bushon is listed in the middle row, seventh from the top. Note: images of the manifest have been added to Andrew's photo album page, as well as his article.

1754 Ship Recovery Passenger Manifest
1754 "Recovery" Passenger Manifest
click to enlarge
"A List of Names of all the Palatine Male
Passengers from Sixteen to Sixty years of age,
Imported in the Ship Recovery, Amos Jones, Master,
From Rotterdam & Cowes at Wilmington [Delaware].
Humbly presented to the Honorable Gov. Morris. October 23, 1754."

Daniell Hanes, Johannes Hober, Gerick Timmer, Peter Hober, Gerick Millar, Peter Helfenstine, Johannes Gaber, George Freck, Ludwick Stiley, David Fethercoile, Daniell Serk, Jacob Millar, Johannes Lents, Ludwick Bochman, Jacob Hober, Nicholas Dycker, Martin Shiller, Daniell Schuster, Heronomus Wise, Lenard Gerick, Gerick Goodnight, Jacob Jaquey, Henry Rick, Paltser Sheafer, Peter Stiley, Jacob Stiley, Jacob Stiley Junr, Jacob Croff, Fredrick Au, Gerick Au, Christafur Au, Nicholas Buskey, Gerick Droutner, Martin Croll, Andreas Bushon, Michell Swarts, David Kambahar, Jacob Harman, Samuell Shanks, Isaac Horniger, Johanes Mercher, Paul Stern, Albert Gerick, Michell Swarts, Peter Herolt, Johannes Leiher, Casper Byerley, Peter Kealer Ge', Simon Melhorn, Wolf Hidebruner, Michell Singhawse, Fredrick Stamcast, a Roman Cath. Christian Shaneck, Christian Denar, Ludwick Crow, Gerick Marquart, Michael Metseir, Gerrick Holander, Gerrick Young, Hagen Waltd, Jacobus Heller, Daniell Hotts, Phillip Slypher, Fredrick Sypert, Joseph Moll, Phillip Sheafer, Gerhard Moire, Charlos Fonron, Peter Sypert, Jacob Earp, Henry Sowder, Abram Snowfer, Hanse Lenard, Peter Longjear, Phillip Vagoner, Martin Ungra, Simon Carle, Michell Hitter, Johannes Carle, Charles Wise, Simon Melhorne, George Melhorne, Michell Parvent.
So why did Andrew go? In reality we'll probably never find an account of Andrew's visit to his homeland. The most we could even hope for would be one or two notations from 1753 or 1754, that could be in several village Church books. In German, the books are called "Kirchenbücher," and they are all, of course, written in old German "Kurrent script." Still, we can speculate he was looking for a new wife? His first, Maria Catrina seems to have died. Or maybe he was just trying to stay out of the Militia? Because to get out of the charges from his 1746 Militia desertion, he surely had to promise to join whenever they called. And we can be certain he never did report for Pennsylvania Militia duty, during the fourth and final "French and Indian War," with all his civic records during the period, originating in Delaware and Maryland. Ultimately, it was probably both, he was looking for a wife and staying away from the militia.

Regardless, we can track Andrew to mainland Europe in Rotterdam, and once there, he inevitably left the Netherlands and traveled into Germany. Over 20 years earlier, when he had left, he was just a boy and as such, he would've only been familiar with a small area in Germany. That was, the place of his birth and childhood home in the tiny village of Schmalenberg along with surrounding towns, including Waldfischbach, Schopp, and Trippstad.

Returning to Schmalenberg, Andrew logically would have just reversed his prior journey, taking a barge or boat, up the river Rhine to Bingen, Germany, then from there it would be by road to Schmalenberg. As the crow flies, it's 202 miles (325 km), from Rotterdam to Bingen, but with the course of the old river and all of its bends and turns, it was over 350 miles (563 km)! Then, there is an additional 65 miles (104 km), of road to get to Schmalenberg. Either way, for our Andrew, it was a long way home. However, he had ample funds to help in his transit, because Andrew would be returning to his village as a man of means following sales of some of his Pennsylvania properties, (see article).

It's not known how long he stayed, but he left in the summer of 1754. On the return voyage to America, Andrew sailed with other passengers from Trippstadt, including a Nicholas Buschi (written Buskey, three above Andrew on the manifest) and his family. Once in America, the Buschi family, Anglicized their name which became "Bushey." Because of their associations with Andrew and other Trippstadt Buschons[sic], as well as the church clerics interchanging suffixes or endings on the surname, their line is still thought to be related to the Colonial Bushongs. But if it is, it would have to be through adoption since DNA tests of two of his descendants proved Nicholas Buschi's descendancy is from another surname altogether. To read about Buschi, click here.

It perhaps should be mentioned, that the manifest lists only men age 16 to 60, and contains no women or children, yet we know they were on the voyage. There could've been somewhere between 100 and 125 women and children which is similar to other ships. One example, as mentioned before, was the Buschi family, and they had two sons. Also during the voyage, at least one child was born, and he was John Philip Jacob Helphenstine, born September 6 1754. Young "Philip," grew up and fought in the American Revolutionary War and interestingly, like our Andrew and family, ended up in Kentucky.

Nevertheless, we now have an original source for Andrew's return and one more piece of Bushong Heritage.
It should be collected, archived, and shared.
February 16, 2018
Warning-Alert  More Bushong Heritage For Sale Sold  Warning-Alert
Elwood H. Bushong of Pennsylvania
In Uniform

click to enlarge
Note: these photos have been digitally modified - see originals on Ebay

Here's still another piece of Bushong Heritage out of Pennsylvania, that is "on the block" at Ebay!
These are from a dealer in Avondale, Pennsylvania. Here's the auction...

LOT antique 2 PHOTOGRAPHS military uniform ELLWOOD BUSHONG hawaii lancaster pa

This listing is for the 2 cabinet card photographs shown. Both identified as Bushong.
- 1897 antique Ellwood H. Bushong, Honolulu Hawaiian Islands
- Uncle Gilbert & Aunt Edie E. H. Bushong*. This photograph was taken in Chicago.
*Gilbert Bushong married Edith Kinsey Paxson and are buried in Bart Friends Meeting Cemetery, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The current bid is $47.50, so this item will sell today, February 10, when the auction ends at 8:39PM
Sold for $49.00

To see the auction on Ebay, click here
BUSHONG LINEAGE: Elwood H. Bushong/ Henry Bushong and Irene L. Paxson/ Jacob Bushong and Margaret Hobson/ Henry Bushong and Sarah Gilbert/ Johannes John Bushong and Eve Dorothea Eckman/ Hans Philip Bushong and Anna Eva Hergard/ Hans John Bushong (IV) and Barbara/ Hanss John Boschung (III) and Anna Maria Boschung of Switzerland, (immigrated before 1719)/ Hans Boschung (II) and Anna Stocker/ Hans Boschung (I) and Anna Anneler/ Michael Studer-Boschung and Dichti Jaggi.
Elwood H. Bushong, 1873-1899, the son of Henry Bushong and Irene Paxson, was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but little is known of his short life. From the earlier photo, it is obvious that Elwood attended some kind of Military School located in Chicago, Illinois. Then it appears, from the uniform, by March 15th, 1897, (on the back of the photo), he had joined the Navy and was stationed in Hawaii or on a ship, that was in Hawaii, where the photo was taken.

What's intriguing, is with Elwood already in Hawaii prior to the Spanish American War, which started April 21, 1898, he could have served in the Philippines, during the war. The war was over before he died. But without his death record, and military record, we don't know what his service was or what brought his life to such a quick end. Maybe we can find out in the future?

Still it's interesting, Elwood was buried along with his parents in Penns Grove Friends Cemetery Oxford, Chester County, Pennsylvania, so it's probable he and his parents were "Friends" or as they're called, Quakers, which was true of his grandparents and great grandparents. But the Quakers were ardent pacifists. So did his family approve of and support Elwood going to a military school and later joining the Navy?
Elwood H. Bushong, a Quaker in the Navy?

Updated: Sold. It appears these Bushong photos have left the family and have gone to a photo collector, for an ending bid of $49.

February 10, 2018
Warning-Alert  Bushong Heritage For Sale  Warning-Alert
Mahlon M. Bushong of Pennsylvania
Granddad's for Sale!

click to enlarge
Another piece of Bushong Heritage is "on the block" at Ebay! Here's the auction...

Cabinet Photo Couple Name Mahlon Bushong Cramer Scranton Carbondale Jermyn PA
Item condition:--
“Some edge and corner wear. Some wear and soiling.”
Original Cabinet Photo of a young couple
Woman's dark dress is two-tone, man in dark suit
Name on back "Mahlon Bushong"
Photographer "Cramer, Scranton, Carbondale, Jermyn (Pennsylvania)"
4 1/4" wide x 6 1/2" tall, on ivory cardboard
Dates to the 1880s and up
Ends Thursday, February 7th at 8:12PM (but may be relisted)

Bidding starts at: $10.99
To see the auction on Ebay, click here
BUSHONG LINEAGE: Mahlon Musser Bushong/ Clayton Rupp and Myra F. Musser/ John Heller Bushong and Elizabeth Rupp/ Jacob Bushong and Elizabeth Heller/ Johannes John Bushong and Eva Dorothea Eckman/ Hans Philip Bushong and Anna Eva Hergard/ Hans John Bushong (IV) and Barbara/ Hanss John Boschung (III) and Anna Maria Boschung of Switzerland, (immigrated before 1719)/ Hans Boschung (II) and Anna Stocker/ Hans Boschung (I) and Anna Anneler/ Michael Studer-Boschung and Dichti Jaggi.
Mahlon Musser Bushong is a seventh generation Bushong (from Hans the immigrant) and was born in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 1890, He died in 1972. Mahlon was married to Mary Graybill Pfautz and they had three children. There are definitely living descendants, charted in the Bushong United Tree, who should be interested.

This is your chance to bring granddad and grandmother back in the family!
February 5, 2018
The Internet, Collaboration, and Sharing

As many know, the Bushong United Family Tree, is indexed for the surname Bushong, to, (as well as the 1930 and 1940 U.S. censuses). FindaGrave has recently changed their format, and though I'm still getting used to the new one, I find the search results to be an improvement, because there's no need to turn the page, when there's multiple search results and they also show a photo of any gravestone, for each name.

Looking at the search results, it's heartening to see all of the Bushong/Bushon 'stone photos. I checked and, give or take, there are currently 3,576 Bushong plus 92 Bushon listed on FindaGrave, (including Bushong as a maiden name too) for a total of 3668. The majority of them have photos, but what percent? Currently there are 500 FindaGrave memorials that don't have tombstone photos. So, subtracting 113 for the burials with no known cemetery, (no possible 'stone photo), it leaves 3555 that could have a 'stone. The 500 without photos are 14% of the total.

So if my calculations are correct, there are 'stone photos for 86% of all the listings for our line. How great is it, that through a collaborative digital effort, on FindaGrave, 86% of the departed Bushongs have their memorial pages documented with 'stone photos! This collaboration thru the internet is so different than the beginning of my genealogy. Then, we all collaborated with each other, by mail, and phone occasionally, (since it was still expensive), and later in the form of the Bushong Bulletin. We gathered together a lot of information too. But the strength of our group or individual efforts, pales in comparison to the cumulative efforts and contributions that are occurring with the internet. So much so, that in just a few short years, we've been able to solve more of the mysteries about our Bushong Family, than ever before!
  All because, just like continued volunteer efforts on FindaGrave, the information is being shared - uploaded and cataloged on the internet. And from this our family's history continues to become richer and more detailed. Through the noble act of sharing, photos, family trees, family histories, as well as documents, and transcriptions too. With each the story becomes clearer. Someday, everything we could want to know, we will know. No question will be unanswered, at least as it pertains to our family history and genealogy. Imagine, just type in a name and your family history pops up. Will we still take an interest when there's no "thrill of the hunt"? Or just take it for granted?

Then perhaps we can consider another statistic. In the Bushong United Family Tree there are 5158, Bushongs marked deceased, and of those, there are 1626 Bushongs whose cemetery, or place of interment is not known. This means, about 31.5% are not known, or the bodies were cremated, or just plain lost. But that means, in the Bushong United Family Tree a respectable 68.5%, or the majority of all Bushongs, are charted to the grave!

However, with 31.5% still to be found, there's plenty of work left to do, yet only through internet sharing and familial collaboration, can it really happen. In other words, we all have to work together.

January 25, 2018
The Bushong United Tree is Up!
RootsWeb is Back

  A big "tip-O-the-hat" goes to the crew at RootsWeb/Ancestry for their successful efforts at bringing the RootsWeb site and the Bushong United Family Tree back online! The tree works, but they haven't got it fully functional since I can't update it. Luckily, it was updated on December 14th, so any changes or additions through then, will show. The mailing lists are still down, though.
The Bushong United Family Tree click hereSee it on Bushong United
(opens a new tab)

RootsWeb customer service has updated their blog, and details can be seen by clicking here.
January 25, 2018
In Remembrance
Bushongs Who Passed Away in 2017

With 2017 quickly fading into history, it seems fitting that Bushongs who passed away during the year, be noted. There may be others, but for these 36 Bushongs and one Bushon, their passing as well as their Bushong branch has been documented in the Bushong United Family Tree. It is hoped and believed that this represents the majority of our newly departed. An obituary is available for all but a couple, and is copied in their personal "Notes" section of the tree. These are the three prime sources used:, here, Google, here, and FindaGrave, here.

    2017's Departed Bushong and Bushon
    By date of passing. (spouse's name follows)

  • Jan 2 2017: Marion C. (Schons) Bushong, age 100. Born: 13 JUL 1916, in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois and died: 2 JAN 2017, in Schaumburg, Illinois. Wife of Eugene E. Bushong.

  • Feb 2 2017: Doris A. Bushong, age 64. Born: 19 JUN 1952, of Alexandria, Virginia and died: 2 FEB 2017, in Alexandria, Virginia. Daughter of Howard Russell Bushong and Therease Lacks.

  • Feb 21 2017: Della Mae (Gibson) Bushong, age 61. Born: 9 DEC 1955, and died: 21 FEB 2017, in <Bell County, Kentucky>. Wife of Harvey Thomas Bushong.

  • Feb 22 2017: Dohna Louise Bushong, age 73. Born: 26 SEP 1943, in Minnesota and died: 22 FEB 2017, in Flippin, Marion County, Arkansas. Daughter of Rudolph E. Bushong and Mable L. Dobbs wife of: Wayne E. Schneider.

  • Mar 4 2017: Perry Joseph Bushong, age 73. Born: 9 MAY 1943, in Kentucky and died: MAR 4 2017, in Fort Worth, Fort Worth County, Texas. Son of Herbert Harry Bushong and Sara Etta Boggs, husband of Mary Louise Hill and Kathleen Walker Gray.

  • Mar 29 2017: Evelyn Louise (Hartzler) Bushong, age 89. Born: 9 FEB 1928, in Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana and died: 29 MAR 2017, in Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana. Wife of Nelson L. Bushong.

  • Apr 2 2017: Patricia Jean (Price) Bushong, age 89. Born: 26 OCT 1927, in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan and died: 2 APR 2017, in Michigan. Wife of George Lynn Bushong.

  • Apr 20 2017: David Bushong, age 75. Born: 27 NOV 1941 Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio and died: 20 APR 2017, in Lima, Allen County, Ohio. Son of Lester Eugene Bushong and Edith Mabel Decker husband of Janet L. Miller.

  • Apr 22 2017: Dorothy J. (Bridges) Bushong, age 87. Born: 27 JUN 1929, in Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee and died: 22 APR 2017, in <Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee>. Wife of Brent Bushong.

  • Apr 26 2017: Carlee Bushong, age 82. Born: 15 DEC 1934, in Greene County, Arkansas and died: 26 APR 2017, in Greenbriar, Faulkner County, Arkansas. Son of William Lewis Bushong and Gracie Shepard, husband of Shirley Rose.

  • May 3 2017: Rosemary (Dimon) Bushong, age 96. Born: 14 FEB 1921, in Rome, Bradford County, Pennsylvania and died: 3 MAY 2017, in Rome, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. Wife of William Jacob Bushong.

  • May 7 2017: Marjorie (Grace) Bushong, age 96. Born: 10 JUN 1920, in Powell, Delaware County, Ohio and died: 7 MAY 2017, in Coshocton County, Ohio. Wife of Everett Lee Bushong.

  • May 13 2017: Ralph Edmund Bushong, age 95. Born: 9 MAY 1922, in Pennsylvania and died: 13 MAY 2017, in Kinston, North Carolina. Son of Ralph Edmund Bushong and Elva E. Schmit, husband of Ann *vetting Roberts.

  • May 23 2017: Rebecca L. (Estes) Bushong, age 62. Born: 13 APR 1955, in Air Force Base, Lexington, Colorado and died: 23 MAY 2017, in Louisville, Kentucky. Wife of Glenn Allen Bushong.

  • Jun 28 2017: Michael Willard Bushong, age 50. Born: 23 SEP 1966, in Mountain Grove, Missouri and died: 28 JUN 2017, in Chadwick, Missouri. Son of Willard Clay Bushong and Delta A. Buchanan, husband of Kathy Gideon.

  • Jul 14 2017: Lula Mae (Coyle) Bushong, age 86. Born: 20 MAY 1931 and died: 14 JUL 2017, in Edgewood, Kenton County, Kentucky. Wife of George Edward *vetting Bushong.

  • Jul 17 2017: Hazel Loraine Bushong, age 85. Born: 9 MAR 1932, in Papalode, Bee County, Texas and died: 17 JUL 2017, in Rockport, Arkansas County, Texas. Daughter of Thomas Tucker Bushong and Ida Odell Crumley, wife of Mr. Boleyn and Woodrow Owens.

  • Jul 22, 2017: Sarah Melissa Bushon, age 80. Born: 26 MAY 1937, in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas and died: 22 JUL 2017, in Allouez, Wisconsin. Daughter of Robert Dewey Bushon[sic] and Lila Cochran, wife of Mr, Rideout and Hugh John Gunn.

  • Jul 23 2017: Robyn Renee Bushong, age 54. Born: 14 JUL 1963, in Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois and died: 23 JUL 2017, in Peoria, Peoria County. Illinois. Daughter of Robert Eugene Bushong and Sharon R. Finley, wife of William Wertz.

  • Aug 4 2017: Monty Lynn Bushong, age 67. Born: 15 MAR 1950, in Frankfort, Clinton County, Indiana and died: 4 AUG 2017, in Lebanon, Boone County, Indiana. Son of Dewey Earl Bushong and Opal L. Dubree, husband of Stella L. Huffer.

  • Aug 7 2017: Gary Lewis Bushong, age 65. Born: 20 NOV 1951, in <Kenton, Hardin County, Ohio> and died: 7 AUG 2017, in Erlanger, Kentucky son of Calvin F. Bushong and Doris Kathleen Timmons, husband of Reba Ralston.

  • Aug 29 2017: Donald Dean Bushong, age 87. Born: 4 JAN 1930, in Diamondale, Michigan and died: 29 AUG 2017, in Texas. Son of Fay Andrew Bushong and Gladys L Rubenstein, husband of Virginia M. Buckley and Wilma Hassell.

  • Sep 2 2017: Betty Lou (Mason) Bushong *vetting, age 83. Born: 29 JAN 1934, in West Virginia and died: 2 SEP 2017, in Goodyear. Wife of Arizona William C. Bushong.

  • Sep 11 2017: Elby Bushong, age 73. Born: 8 SEP 1944, in Globe, Arizona and died: 11 SEP 2017, in Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona. Son of Elby Bushong (Sr.) and Virginia Romana Penrod, husband of Margaret Lund.

  • Sep 28 2017: Helen M Bushong, age 95. Born: 11 JUN 1922, in Ohio and died: 28 SEP 2017, in Lima, Allen County, Ohio. Daughter of Walter Warren Bushong and Bernice Marie Lewis, wife of Ralph Walker and Charles D. Ridenour.

  • Oct 17 2017: Henry Almond Bushong, age 81. Born: 13 OCT 1936, in Ohio and died: 17 OCT 2017, in West Mansfield, Ohio. Son of Donald Willis Bushong and Edna Marie Horsley, husband of Anna Almeta Jarrell.

  • Oct 27 2017: Colleen Karen (mnu) Bushong, age 78. Born: 31 AUG 1939 and died: 27 OCT 2017 <Palm Desert, California>. Wife of Robert Edgar Bushong.

  • Nov 15 2017: Gwen J. (Wilkins) Bushong, age 83. Born: 3 AUG 1934, in Lima, Allen County, Ohio and died: 15 NOV 2017, in Findlay, Hancock County, Ohio. Wife of Raymond H. Bushong.

  • Nov 16, 2017: Yvonne Joyce Bushong, age 58. Born: MAR 5 1959, in <Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii> and died: NOV 16 2017, in Honolulu, Honolulu County, Hawaii. Daughter of James Arthur Bushong and Elvira L. Bushong.

  • Nov 22 2017: Wilma (Hassell) Bushong, age 87. Born: 8 DEC 1929, in Houston, Texas and died: 22 NOV 2017 Texas. Wife of Donald Dean Bushong.

  • Nov 23 2017: Maureen Joan (Wendland) Bushong, age 81. Born: 11 OCT 1936 Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois and died: 23 NOV 2017, in Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois. Wife of Gerald Wayne Bushong.

  • Dec 6 2017: Ann Marie Bushong, age 66. Born: 17 SEP 1951, in Saint Johns, Clinton County, Michigan and died: 6 DEC 2017, in Portland, Ionia County, Michigan. Daughter of Winthrop Allyn Bushong and Agnes C. Laurie, wife of Daryl Miller.

  • Dec 8 2017: Harriet Beverly (Gaebe) Bushong, age 91. Born: 22 NOV 1926, in Woodlawn, Jefferson County, Illinois and died: 8 DEC 2017, in Paducah, McCracken County, Kentucky. Wife of Earl Raymond Bushong.

  • Dec 19 2017: Alma Sue (Bussell) Bushong, age . Born: 22 JUN 1939, in Putnam County, Tennessee died: 19 DEC 2017, in Cookeville, Putnam County, Tennessee. Wife of Charles Albert Bushong.

  • Dec 19 2017: William E. Bushong, age 70. Born: 31 MAY 1947, in Syracuse, Indiana died: 19 DEC 2017, in Elkhart, Indiana. Son of Samuel Edward Bushong and Clara H. Bauman, husband of Linda A. Pavoni.

  • Dec 20 2017 Valorie Estelle Bushong, age 98. Born: 14 DEC 1919, in District of Columbia, died: 20 DEC 2017, in Annapolis, Maryland. Daughter of John William Bushong and Willie Estelle Tatum, wife of Owen B. Laing.

  • Dec 22 2017: Verna Louise Bushong, age 85. Born: 20 OCT 1932, in Trumann, Poinsett County, Arkansas, died: 22 DEC 2017, in <Trumann, Poinsett County, Arkansas>. Daughter of William Lewis Bushong and Grace Shepard, wife of Richard Troy Lane.
Corrections or additions are invited.

Our condolences are offered to all who lost a Bushong family member last year.
We mourn their loss and remember them in our history.

The Bushong United Family Tree click hereSee it on Bushong United
(opens a new tab)

January 6, 2018
Updated March 8, 2018 (Yvonne Joyce Bushong)
More Bushongs and Antique Automobiles
From Illinois and Pennsylvania

Lenah Bushong in the first auto in Catlin.
Click photo to enlarge. For photo with original border and names, click here

Looking at old Bushong photographs, uploaded by` members to, I ran across another Bushong and an antique automobile. This 1908 photo is identified as "The first auto in Catlin," (Illinois) and prominently featured in the front seat is Lenah Bushong. Lenah was born in 1888, a daughter of Andrew Moore Bushong (Doc Bushong's brother) and Elizabeth A. Ross. Lenah later married a Mr Ferguson, but in 1916, a few years after this photo, she sadly died. Her funerary record on FindaGrave is here.
BUSHONG LINEAGE: Lenah Bushong Ferguson/ Andrew Moore Bushong and Elizabeth A. Ross/ Charles Augustus Bushong and Margaret Moore/ Andrew Bushong and Sarah Steinmetz/ and Jacob Bushong and Ann Elizabeth Rutter/ Hans Philip Bushong and Anna Eva Hergard/ Hans John Bushong (IV) and Barbara/ Hanss John Boschung (III) and Anna Maria Boschung of Switzerland, (immigrated before 1719)/ Hans Boschung (II) and Anna Stocker/ Hans Boschung (I) and Anna Anneler/ Michael Studer-Boschung and Dichti Jaggi.
Until I looked closely, I thought Lenah was driving, since she was in the left seat, the traditional driver's seat. But upon investigation, she was a passenger and cars of the day were typically right-hand drive. However, at the wheel can be identified Dr. Richard E. Cloyd, and behind him in the back seat is his wife, May. Next to her is identified as Forrest Storm. They are all easily found in the Catlin, Vermilion County, Illinois 1910 Census records at Lenah is enumerated, here, Richard and May are enumerated, here, Forrest is here.

Luckily, I was able to determine the make of the car. Our Lenah is riding in a 1908 "Model G Glide", manufactured by the Bartholomew Company. Dr. Cloyd had a very nice car. Their slogan was "Ride in a Glide, Then Decide." The Glide automobile, factory, was just 125 miles away from Catlin, in Peoria Heights, Illinois. The company made premier vehicles, expensive and rare too. In 1908 they made only about 200 cars and between the years 1903 and 1920, they produced less than 3000 cars total. Unfortunately, in 1920, competition forced them to merge with another company that went bankrupt in 1923.

Regardless, in its day, Dr. Cloyd's Glide, was quite a car, costing $2500! Adjusted for inflation, that would be over $63,500 in 2017. The Glide's body was created of hand crafted wood that was mounted on a steel frame. Power was provided by a 365 cubic inch, 4 cylinder engine producing 45 horse power (hp), mated with a 3 gear (speed) transaxle. The Glide was able to travel at eye blistering speeds over 65 mph! By comparison, Ford's new in 1908, Model T cost just $850, but they barely produced 20 hp, with a top speed of 40–45 mph. Today, there are just two known Model G Glides left in existence. One of those is on display at the Tupelo Auto Museum and there's a nice photo of it, compliments of Wikipedia, here. It is a really beautiful 1908 Glide.

As mentioned, the Glide factory in Peoria was about 125 miles from Catlin. We can imagine, in 1908, after traveling to the factory and picking up his brand new car, that Dr. Cloyd, had a great time driving it back to Catlin. Who knows if he could even get close to 65 mph on the Illinois roads of the day? Nevertheless, it was inevitably his first car and his first trip driving a car and it must have been thrilling. Notice in the photo, how Dr. Cloyd has the split windscreen folded back, coming over his legs and bringing the top section closer. Was it better at higher speeds?

A 1909 Bartholomew Company advertisement for the Glide automobile. Manufactured in Peoria, Illinois. The 1908 and 1909 Glides were virtually the same.

Next, here's an antique Bushong truck photograph taken in 1924. It belonged to the "Miller and Bushong Feed Coal and Lumber" (Company). The Miller and Bushong Company, of Rohrerstown, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, was first acquired in 1890 by Henry C. Miller. Sometime after that, the Bushong family became part of the business. In fact one of the Miller daughters, Alice B. Miller, married Winfield Scott Bushong, in 1898, and he was involved. According to census records, he and likely other Bushongs worked there. In the 1920 Census here, W. (Winfield) Scott Bushong listed his occupation as "Retail Dealer, coal and feed." Also, Scott is enumerated in East Hempfield, in the same household as Henry C. Miller Sr. who also lists the same occupation, (retired).

The Miller and Bushong Company in Rohrerstown, Pennsylvania. Taken in 1924, their truck, a 1922 Ford Model T flatbed, is loaded with crates and crates of chickens.
      Then there's Walter R. (Raymond) Bushong, from East Lampeter, who in the 1930 Census listed his occupation as a "Proprietor Coal Business," here. Walter and Scott, in the tree, are shown to be fourth cousins once removed, sharing common ancestors in Hans Philip Bushong and Anna Eva Hergard. The Miller and Bushong Co. operated until 1971, when they merged with another company. Interestingly, there's recently been old feed sacks from Miller and Bushong Co. for sale on Ebay.

The truck can be identified as a Ford Model T - One Ton Flatbed, probably made in model year 1922. It was one of the millions of Model T's made in various configurations. What is different on this truck is the unusual wheels with hard rubber tires. In the photograph, the truck is fully loaded with crates of chickens. Possibly the event might have occurred at the beginning of the Miller and Bushong Company's entry into the poultry business, as seen in later advertisements. This photograph as well as one other photo of the same truck, are available from Lancaster History here. They offer larger and sharper scans for a fee.

Are there more photographs of Bushong and their antique cars out there?
December 28 2017
The Bushong United Tree is Offline
RootsWeb is Down


I regret to tell you, the Bushong United Tree, hosted at RootsWeb, is currently unavailable. This is also true for their mailing lists. There apparently was a security breach at RootsWeb, and they have had to disable the site in order to determine where it happened and how to secure it.

For those who would like to read RootsWeb's post, it can be seen here. The one hundred plus comments below their post attests to just how much everyone uses the site.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but it looks like they'll have it back online fairly soon.

Dec 26, 2017
                    The Bushong United Website
Five Years Old This Month!

It's hard to believe how quickly time goes by, and that it's been five years, this month,
since the Bushong United Website first came online. And yet, it keeps going and growing.
    I want to thank everyone for their help, their support, as well as the comments and emails!
Together, we've discovered a lot about the Colonial Bushong Family and its heritage.
Just look at a few of the highlights...
  • Hans John Bushong was proven German - indisputably! Read it here.
  • Andrew and our Bushong-Boschung family was traced to Schmalenberg, in the Trippstadt area of Germany! Read it here.
  • Then to Boltigen, Switzerland. Read it here.
  • Andrew's mother, Anna Magdalena Schaffner and her family were identified. Read it here.
  • The Andrew arriving in 1754 on the Ship Recovery, was proven to be the same as Lancaster Andrew Bushong,
    the son of Johann Nicholas Bushong. Andrew sailed back to Europe then retuned to Maryland. Read it here
  • Anthony Andrew's son, Jacob's family is finally charted and descendants are identified. Read it here.
  • The oldest (published 1788) Bushong artwork is found and identified Read it here.
  • Lt. John Bushong of York, Pennsylvania is proven a Tavern Keeper, (as well as a blacksmith) in 1775. Read it here and here
  • Many rare and newly located Bushong photos have been collected and identified in the Bushong Photo Album. See it here
  • Hundreds and hundreds of Bushongs were added to the Bushong Tree. Search it here
  • Over one hundred posts and major articles. See them here.
  • All that, and Bushong United has successfully defended the Bushong Heritage from multiple attacks on its historical integrity. For example, who could ever forget....Josepi Boschung! Read it here.
  • Did I mention? Hans John Bushong was German and it was proven once and for all! Read it here.
  • And much much more!
When will there be nothing interesting left to discover? You just can't tell. Digging a little deeper always seems to turn up something new!
So let's see what else we can find.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!   

December 16, 2017
Kearney David Bushong
U.S. Navy Blimps of WWII

A Naval Blimp Squadron (ZP-32), in formation over their base.
A full Squadron, eleven Blimps and one in front to take the picture.
Working, earlier this year, on the article about the Strobel Airships, (read it here), I was reminded that the Bushong family has another member who actually worked on and invariably flew in blimps, Kearney David Bushong, 1920-1943. During World War II, the U.S. Navy employed multiple squadrons of the lighter-than-air blimps to help patrol the coasts and rescue downed aviators. Kearney Bushong, served as a Petty Officer Third Class (PO3), in the Lighter-Than-Air (LTA) Squadron ZP-31, part of Naval Fleet Airship Wing 3. He was tragically killed nine months after enlisting, in an attempted launch of the Naval blimp known as "K-29". After researching the Navy's blimp service and Squadron ZP-31, original period photographs turned up of the squadron and even of the actual blimp involved in Petty Officer Bushong's accident, so it seemed fitting to study them, collect them and unite them in an article.
BUSHONG LINEAGE: Kearney David Bushong/ Kearney Holloween Bushong and Della Beatrice Radle/ Ezram Branson Crow Bushong and Sarah Ellen Evans/ Lewis Augustus Edy Bushong and Phebe S. Haines/ John Bushong (Jr.) and Eleanor Rush/ John Bushong and Jenette Young Summers/ Anthony Andrew Bushong and Catherine Bushong/ Johann Nicholas Bushong and Anna Magdalena Schaffner (the immigrants)/ Hanss John Boschung (III) and Anna Maria Boschung of Switzerland, (immigrated before 1719)/ Hans Boschung (II) and Anna Stocker/ Hans Boschung (I) and Anna Anneler/ Michael Studer-Boschung and Dichti Jaggi.
When war with Japan and Germany broke out in 1941, the U. S. Navy realized that American east and west coasts were in need of additional surveillance, especially considering the potential threats from German and Japanese submarines. One of their strategies was blimps, specifically the "K-type" blimps that they organized into Squadrons.
Aviation Machinist Mate 3rd Class Kearney D. Bushong in 1943.
Photo ©2017 Fraya Bushong Weiss. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

The unique blimp hangers built by the Navy, at the Tustin Naval Air Station. Showing a K-type blimp emerging from the hanger. One hanger could fit six blimps.
The K-type Blimps
During World War II the Navy bought and used about 134 of the K-type blimps, which did service worldwide. The ships were non-ridged airships, spanning over 250 feet in length, and were buoyed by 425,000 cubic feet of helium. The ships could fly at a maximum speed of 67.5 knots, (77.67 mph) and had cruising range of 1,910 miles at 50 knots, (57.5 mph). Their total lifting capacity was 7,770 pounds and they were powered by two Pratt and Whitney 450 hp 9-cylinder radial aircraft engines. The shipped was equipped with a gondola that was over 40 feet long. It had bunks, as well as reclining seats, for a radioman, mechanics, and navigators. The gondola also had a galley for meals and their preparation.

A typical crew on a flight was eight men and consisted of a pilot and co-pilot, two aviation mechanics, two radiomen and two riggers. In order to patrol the coasts, the blimps used Radar and magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) equipment, along with their superior vantage point for visual sightings. If an enemy submarine was sighted, the blimp could engage it with the four depth charges that they carried. However, they also were armed with a 50-caliber machine gun in front, and a 30-caliber machine gun in the rear. It's interesting that, it was only equipped with one parachute. The single chute was to be used for a man to parachute to the ground to organize a landing party, in case it was needed.
Understandably maintaining non-stop surveillance was hazardous, and during their service, many airships were lost in weather-related accidents which resulted in the loss of a number of servicemen. But only one blimp was lost due to enemy action and that happened when a German submarine shot it down in the Florida Straits.

In spite of their losses, the K-type blimps served admirably during the war and logged thousands of successful hours. Aside from weather, the main difficulty was naturally, take-offs and landings which were challenging. Even without a breeze, getting such a behemoth safely to a place to land or take-off was always an accomplishment. For this, they used a massive steel mobile mooring mast, complete with a power winch, and mounted to struts on multiple sets of wheels. To position for launch, a tractor slowly rolled the mast and blimp out of the hanger and later, for recovery, back into the hanger.
    The ZP-31 groundcrew at the Lompoc Naval Air Station, maneuver a blimp while it's attached to the massive mobile mast.
ZP-31's Squadron Patch.

Squadron ZP-31
Squadron ZP-31, was part of the Naval Fleet Airship Wing 3, and was stationed at the LTA Naval Air Station in Santa Ana, California, (later known as Tustin Marine Corps Air Station). As typical, they had 12 K-type blimps assigned to them. But shortly after the squadron was formed, the Navy noticed that their coverage along the northern Californian coast was incomplete, so more bases were needed. One of the locations was Lompoc, California. During World War II the small town became an axillary base for LTA Squadron ZP-31. They were to conduct coastal anti-submarine patrols from there. Construction of the base was ordered in December 1942 and it was commissioned into service on August 8, 1943. The base was supplied with two blimps and manned with ZP-31 squadron's officers and sailors who would rotate back to Santa Ana after thirty days. But only five days after being commissioned, the Lompoc Air Base was struck by tragedy.

The Accident
Early in the morning, on Friday, August 13th, it was foggy and the groundcrew was maneuvering ship "K-29" for launch. They were moving it to a site called "Circle #2." As the blimp's giant tail approached a high-voltage power line, 11,000 volts arced to the ship's pendants and ran down through the ship. On the damp ground, a number of crewmen were holding the metal handling bars attached to the sides of the blimp's gondola. As the current traveled to ground, four of the sailors, including PO3 Kearney Bushong, were electrocuted. A fifth was severely burned, but survived. The ship was also damaged, though not too badly and was able to be repaired and returned to service.

A Naval doctor, and two squadron officers were able to reach the scene almost immediately and shortly afterwards medical personnel and ambulances arrived from a nearby Army Hospital, but nothing could be done to revive four men who were instantly killed. Witnesses to the accident reported that the blimp and its pendants never actually touched the power lines but the arc jumped across the distance. Sadly, the hazard had been identified by the Navy and the lines had been ordered to be moved by the local electric power company. But for whatever reason, it had not yet been completed and with the rush of war, four sailors lost their lives. They were the only fatalities to occur at Lompoc Naval Air Station during the war.
At Lompoc Naval Air Station, ZP-31 crewmen are shown holding onto the handling bars on the side of the Blimp K-121's gondola.

National Archives photos, source for still photographs:
To see or copy single enlarged images, click these links:

Naval Blimp K-29 approach, NARA 80-G-220070 • Naval Blimp K-29 landing, NARA 80-G-220074 • Naval Blimp K-29 take-off, NARA 80-G-220075.

The Blimp K-29 Photo Sequence
These rare photographs (on the left), of the fully repaired blimp K-29, have been put together to create a dramatic maneuver sequence. The K-29 is shown with a "Bogue class" Escort Carrier, the USS Altamaha (CVE-18). The photographs were taken, apparently documenting an operational test, off the coast of California. It was also noted that the carrier's experimental camouflage patterns were painted pale gray, haze gray, and navy blue.

Taken February 24, 1944, the sequence, was inevitably photographed by another blimp in the squadron ZP-31, and brilliantly captures, K-29 making an expert approach, landing and take-off on the USS Altamaha. Notice during the maneuver the Altamaha is barely making headway.

In 1943, when Petty Officer Bushong was killed, he left behind a wife, two sons and an unborn daughter.
But the Guardian Angels of the Convoy, kept flying!
November 19, 2017
Warning-Alert  Bushong Heritage For Sale  Warning-Alert
Samuel Bushong

Son of John Soloman Bushong and Amanda Catherine Halderman
Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio

click to enlarge

There's a nice Carte de Viste (CDV) for sale on Ebay of a Bushong. It is identified on the back as "Uncle Sammie Bushong" and was taken in Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio. Here's the text of the auction...
This is a great CDV photo of Mr. Samuel "Sammie" Bushong. He was born in December of 1838 and was the son of Solomon and Amanda Catherine (Halderman) Bushong of Circleville, Pickaway County, Ohio. He was a teamster and apparently never married. He was listed, living with a spinster sister) in the 1900 census but I was unable to locate anything about him after that. The photo dates to the late 1870s or early 1880s and was taken at the M. K. Marshall Studio in Circleville, OH. The image is very clear.
Samuel's Bushong lineage is easy to figure out, with the help of Pickaway County census records, at 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900. From the records, it appears Samuel never married, as he was always enumerated in households with a sister or two. Samuel Bushong died sometime after the 1900 Census, and I haven't found anymore information on him. The CDV seems likely to have come from Carrie Bushong who is enumerated with him in some records and is always listed as a niece.
BUSHONG LINEAGE: Samuel Bushong/ John Soloman Bushong and Amanda Catherine Halderman/ Henry W Bushong and Barbara Lohr/ Hans Philip Bushong and Anna Eva Hergard/ Hans Bushong IV and Barbara Bushong, the immigrants/ Hanss John Boschung (III) and Anna Maria Boschung of Switzerland, (immigrated before 1719)/ Hans Boschung (II) and Anna Stocker/ Hans Boschung (I) and Anna Anneler/ Michael Studer-Boschung and Dichti Jaggi.
The minimum bid is $9.99, which is very reasonable, and currently there are no bids. But there is a "buy it now" price of $20. The auction ends shortly - Oct 9, at 8:00 PM October 16, at 8:30 PM. To bid or see it on Ebay, click here.

UPDATE: Relisted - Item not sold.

If Uncle Sammie was in my Bushong branch, I'd buy it! Is he in yours?
October 7, 2017
Updated: October 11, 2017
Updated: October 16, 2017
Bushongs in the News
Drew Bushong
Makes a Bundle with CBGB Memorabilia!

If you look, a lot of Bushongs come up on the news. Some, like Admiral Paul Bushong and the late William B. Bushong, White House Historian, are well known to us. Others such as doctors, are possibly more obscure, like Doctor, (retired), Stewart C. Bushong an early proponent of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) who basically "wrote the book(s)" on it. Also Doctor, (retired), Carl W. Bushong, who was an early pioneer for transgender therapy and reassignment surgery. Yet there are also those in the news for a myriad of reasons, such as marriage, births, deaths. and even crimes, complete with mug shots. But how many do you recognize? Are you related? A cousin? Like some ancient piece of forgotten wisdom or a lost language, we just don't know. However these questions can be answered. Because through genealogy and family charts, these relationships, can be understood.

For instance, Admiral Bushong is descended from the Hans John and Barbara Bushong side of the Colonial Pennsylvania Bushongs through John Bushong and Anna Stover. His line is part of the so-called Virginian Line that left the south and settled in Ohio. Then, there's our White House Historian, William Bushong, who as turns out, was English born, and he, on the other hand, has been a little harder to track. Still, William appears to descend from the Bushongs who stayed in Pennsylvania, but he remains a work in progress. Regardless, in the end, it's a safe assumption, that we're all connected to the same Colonial Bushong family and one way or another, we're all related.

So when a Bushong pops into the news for something as unique as Andrew "Drew" David Bushong, then it's worth looking into. But who is Drew, and are we related? Genealogy shows that like Admiral Bushong, Drew is descended from John Bushong and Anna Stover. Drew is actually a fifth cousin once removed with the Admiral. He's a later generation, with a different path, ending up in New York. Here's Drew's lineage beginning with his grandfather...
BUSHONG LINEAGE: James Wendell Bushong and Carol L. Hosler/ Clayton Frances Bushong and Madeline L. Mertz/ James Van Bertus Bushong and Louisa Showman Clayton/ Andrew J. Bushong and Abigail E. Kennel/ John Bushong and Anna Stover/ John Jacob Bushong and Eva Catherine Bossert/ John Bushong (V) and Elizabeth Sprenkel/ Hans John Bushong (IV) and Barbara Bushong (the immigrants)/ Hanss John Boschung (III) and Anna Maria Boschung of Switzerland, (immigrated before 1719)/ Hans Boschung (II) and Anna Stocker/ Hans Boschung (I) and Anna Anneler/ Michael Studer-Boschung and Dichti Jaggi.
When one is thinking about genealogy, it always seems to be about some uncle, aunt, or grandparent, then great or great great. Part of the "old-days" and not usually a modern phenomenon, such as Punk Rock. But when it comes to cousins, history is history and Drew is a Bushong. And our Drew Bushong recently sold an historic and iconic piece of Punk Rock memorabilia at a Sotheby's auction for $30,000! An original CBGB awning! For those who've possibly never heard of Punk Rock (music), let alone CBGB - what is CBGB?

CBGB exterior.
The CBGB Club. Taken in 2006, with its final awning.
Photograph by Stig Nygaard, compliments of Wikipedia.

"CBGB & OMFUG" was a small New York City music club, with a capacity of only 350. Opened in 1973 by Hilly Kristal, it was located in Manhattan's East Village, at 315 Bowery St. The name stands for Country Blue Grass Blues and Other Music for Uplifting Gormandizers. Until it closed in 2006, hundreds and hundreds of bands played at the club. Many bands that went on to have huge careers, got there start because of Hilly and CBGB.

If you're interested, there is a movie, CBGB (the film). It was released in 2013 and stars the late Alan Rickman as Hilly. To see its Wikipedia page, click here. I got a chance to watch it and really enjoyed it. Besides, Alan Rickman is always such a good actor to watch.

Below (and left) is a list with but a small sampling of some of the notable bands that played there. Perhaps you've heard some of them?

A Few of CBGB's Bands
The B-52's
Beastie Boys
The Black Crowes
Blues Traveler
The Boomtown Rats
The Cars
Elvis Costello
Dave Matthews Band
The Dead Boys
Dead Kennedys
Green Day
The Go-Go's
Guns N' Roses
Iggy Pop
The Jam
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Living Colour
Lou Reed
Pearl Jam
The Pretenders
The Police
The Ramones
Smashing Pumpkins
Patti Smith
Social Disorder
Social Distortion
Sonic Youth
Soul Asylum
Bruce Springsteen
Talking Heads
They Might Be Giants
Velvet Underground
The Waitresses

The interior of CBGB. The musicians had to set up their own sound system and haul their own equipment.
Photograph by Tabea Huth, compliments of Wikipedia.

Drew Bushong and Josh Lozano, with the CBGB awning, in 2016. Photo by Ranier Turim
On February 13, 2016 Drew Bushong, on the left, and Josh Lozano, an old assistant of Hilly's, unfurl the awning at its original home.
Photograph used with permission, by Rainer Turim, ©2017, all rights reserved.
  So how did Drew come to have this piece of the historic club? As he related to several news papers and magazines, including Rolling Stone Magazine, and the New York Post, Drew had worked for CBGB beginning in late 2000 as a door guy(security), and eventually became assistant manager and sometimes acting manager. It could be a rough place to work and once while Drew was breaking up a fight, he was even stabbed. He was promoted shortly after that incident and Drew worked there for several years, but eventually moved on to manage other clubs.

Later, in 2004, Drew was walking by the CBGB Club, when he spotted a box next to the garbage. Curious, he opened it, and saw an old and soiled awning that had been used over the club's entrance. Drew recognized its historic value and carried it home. It turned out to be probably the second of three or possibly four awnings used. It was also the actual awning he'd been under when he was stabbed. Fast forward to 2016, and to help with his growing family, Drew decided to sell the awning. On December 10, 2016, Drew's awning sold for $30,000 as part of a Sotheby’s auction titled “A Rock & Roll Anthology: From Folk to Fury”.

Just another cousin? Or another Bushong making history!
September 13, 2017
Bushong Research Trove
The Carol Bell Estate

We all should remember the late Carol Willsey Bell, CG, (1939-2010), who was a preeminent Bushong genealogist, and after its original founder, died, became the driving force for the Bushong Bulletin. Mrs. Bell was the daughter, of a daughter, of a daughter, of a daughter, of a Bushong daughter - four generations removed from the Bushong surname. Yet even after all those generations, she was one of the most dedicated (and accurate) Bushong researchers, in our history. Further, being a Certified Genealogist,(CG) and editor of the Bushong Bulletin for twenty years, you can well imagine, she had extensive Bushong research material - 20 cartons worth!
BUSHONG LINEAGE: Carol Willsey (Bell)/ Alfred E. Willsey and Connie Braun/ Frank A. Braun and Ida E. Strayer/ Jacob Strayer and Artemissa Bisher/ Arron Bisher and Elizabeth Bushong/ John Bushong and Anna Stover/ John Jacob Bushong and Eva Catherine Bossert/ John Bushong (V) and Elizabeth Sprenkel/ Hans John Bushong (IV) and Barbara Bushong (the immigrants)/ Hanss John Boschung (III) and Anna Maria Boschung of Switzerland, (immigrated before 1719)/ Hans Boschung (II) and Anna Stocker/ Hans Boschung (I) and Anna Anneler/ Michael Studer-Boschung and Dichti Jaggi.
To see Carol Willsey Bell's memorial on FindaGrave click here.

Mrs. Bell and her husband, Ralph R. Bell, had children, but being so far removed from their Bushong ancestry, when she died, her research was donated to the Ohio Genealogical Society (OGS) of which she was a life-time member. With the 2013 donation of Mrs. Bell's 20 cartons of research materials, most of which was specific to the Bushong family, the OGS became the premier repository for Bushong research.
Carol Bell's collection is located at:
Samuel D. Isaly Library of the Ohio Genealogical Society
611 SR 97 W
Bellville, Ohio
directions: just past Der Dutchman restaurant at Exit 165 on I-71.
    The OGS has now cataloged her collection and to see a full list of Carol Bell's donation, click here Pops-up

I'm planning a pilgrimage to the OGS Library, someday. Is it on your bucket-list?
August 28 2017
More About
The Bushong Tavern Engraving
By James Trenchard

The July 1788 Colonial Magazine title page
(Click to enlarge)

The fine Bushong illustration, "View from Bushong's Tavern," (below) was drawn and engraved by James Trenchard and published the second year of the Colonial Magazine. Mr. Trenchard was born, in Penns Neck, New Jersey, in 1747. In 1777 he went to Philadelphia and studied engraving with the artist, James Smithers. Smithers a Loyalist, was accused of treason and left for England in 1778, for counterfeiting currency for the English. It was likely around that time that Trenchard visited Bushong's Tavern and sketched it. Later, Trenchard was one of five founders and eventually the owner of the Columbian Magazine, in Philadelphia, where the tavern engraving was later published. Trenchard and his Columbian Magazine distinguished itself by being the first successful American magazine, beginning in September, 1786 with the last issue being over six years later in December, 1792. There were other magazines in existence earlier, but none lasted beyond a few issues or even a couple of years. Trenchard was one of the major sources for the early topographical engravings used in this publication as well as others. Found online, there's an advertisement with some photographs of an original issue (now sold) of the July 1788 edition of Colonial Magazine. It can be viewed here. Also, Trenchard was one of the engravers who created over 500 plates used in the "Dobson's Encyclopaedia", which was the first encyclopedia printed and issued in the newly independent United States of America. It was published by Thomas Dobson between 1789 and 1798.

It might be noticed in Colonial Magazine, the "View" engraving, states it's from "Bushongo" tavern. Until the better resolution engraving scan, was located, it had been seen as "Bushong's," which undoubtedly is the way Trenchard originally titled it. But in the engraving and the magazine, obviously the "s" in the original sketch was mistaken for and "o," Making plates for engravings can take a lot of time, depending on complexity of course, and this one could easily have taken a week or so to do. So inevitably the engraving was finished back in the Philadelphia shop, and that's probably where the mistake occurred.

Art Appreciation
But look at the engraving, (below). Mr. Trenchard has achieved a fantastic level of detail in a rural scene, showing a Colonial York County countryside, actually during the American Revolutionary War. Following along the road, which is probably the "Old Baltimore Pike", we can see a bridge crossing a creek and also that the bridge is narrower than the actual road. The creek could quite possibly be the "Little Codorus" mentioned in John's 1767 land purchase. Then perhaps notice all the nicely fenced farms with crops in the fields. Interestingly, one fence is showing serious need of repair and is starting to fall over. It's the fence in front of the tavern, and in addition, the ground is unkempt with weeds covering it. Possibly the tavern and grounds needed a little maintenance because the Tavern Keep, Lt. Bushong, was off fighting the British? Next in the scene, leaning idly on that fence is obviously a tavern patron, watching a neighbor woman haul firewood and water. However, even though the Bushong Tavern might have been a little rundown, and not the classiest "Pub" in York County, with such a setting and view, it looks like a peaceful and inviting place to spend some time, and maybe even have meal and a drink or two.

(Click to enlarge)
For more discussion on this print, see the prior posts here.

June 25 2017


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The Origin of the
Bushong-Boschung Surname

For well over a hundred years, American genealogists, have been documenting and charting the Bushong surname. A name which is derived from a native tongue that most, if not all of them, are completely unfamiliar with - Schweizerdeutsch or translated, Swiss German....
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The 1930 Census
Bushongs Are Charted

In a genealogical charting project, completed in December 2011, the entire Bushong Family as found in the 1930 U.S. Census, was charted state by state, Bushong by Bushong from All the 1930 Census information was entered into a modern and easily searched and archived database, a GEDCOM. The results...
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DNA Proves
There's Only One
Colonial Bushong Line

Down through the generations, there's always been family genealogists who believed the Bushong Family, consisted of literally dozens of family lines, with numerous immigrants arriving on American shores in the Colonial period. Then, in 2011...
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The Immigrant
Anthony Andrew Bushong
Part 1:Germany to Pennsylvania

On a sunny fall day in 1732, when Andreas Boschung, sailed into the Colonial Philadelphia Harbor, aboard a tiny ship, there was no telling what the future held for him. However, this young lad, not yet 16, was to begin one of the two American Bushong family lines. Following a life of exploration...
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The Immigrant
Anthony Andrew Bushong
Part 2: Maryland to Kentucky

In America, war began again in 1754. The long simmering problems between Britain, France, and the Indian Nations, including the Delaware and Shawnee, erupted...
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Beyond Bushong Part 1:
Johann Nicholas Boschung
Pennsylvania and Germany

For the chance of new lives, new freedoms and new opportunities, Johann Nicholas Boschung, his wife, Magdalena, and their children, risked it all. They endured intense hardship, hunger and suffering to sail to America, even probably watching a son die on the voyage...
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Beyond Bushong - A Swiss Family Bushong
Beyond Bushong Part 2:
Der Schweizerische Boschung
(A Swiss Family Bushong)

The newly identified, Hans John Boschung (Senior), discussed in Part One, immigrated to Pennsylvania sometime before 1719. As established, he and his wife, Anna Maria, are the parents of Nicholas and brother, John, (Junior). Given this, it is natural to look to the charts with the hope of extending their ancestry...
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Pink "John and William"
Captain Tymperton
The Immigrants Voyage

On the west bank of the Philadelphia Harbor in 1732, a small ship, named "John and William" finally pulled along side of the docks and cast its lines. It was very late, and out of eleven ships, that carried immigrants to Pennsylvania that year, it was the last to arrive...
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Voyage of the
Pink "John and William"
The Voyager's Epilogue

The story continues... the dead and the mutineers... ...the return trip to Lisbon ...a surprising new career for Captain Tymperton. "John and William" becomes a slave ship and her shocking end
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Murder Lurks
on the
Pink "John and William"

In 1732, a long and lethal transatlantic crossing, ended when the Pink "John and William," finally docked in Philadelphia. For the entire voyage, none aboard were aware, that one amongst them was being stalked by more than starvation and disease. None but one, a fellow voyager, whom they trusted. But this voyager was no immigrant, seeking freedom...
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Land Warrant Survey Maps Lancaster and Dauphin Co. Pennsylvania

Select warrant survey maps, centering around Andrew Bushong and Hans Bushong, from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Dauphin County when it was created ...
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The Frontiersman & the Lady
John and Jenette Part 1

Over 250 years ago, on Wednesday, September 17, 1760, John Bushong, was born, in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware. He was the fourth child of Johann Anthony Andrew Bushong, (Sr.), but the first child with his second wife, Catherine...
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The First Bushongs in Ohio
John and Jenette Part 2

It was in the spring of 1797, at the age of 36, that John Bushong left his Kentucky home, wife, and family and trekked off to the north east. The pioneer inevitably traveled overland and by river and ended up some 160 miles away, deep in the Northwest Territory, making him the first Bushong in the territory...
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John Bushong Senior
1825 Ohio Estate Papers

These are the Probate/Estate papers of John Bushong Senior, (1760-1825) whose first wife was Jennette Young Summers and second wife was the widow Elizabeth Breedlove. The collection of documents range from 1822 thru 1825 and up to 1830...
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William Wilhelm Bushong
1837 Estate Papers
Columbian Co., Ohio

He was named Wilhelm, according to the Register of the First Reformed Church, York, Pennsylvania, the son of Johannes Buschong and Elizabeth (Sprenkel). Sometime before 1778, not yet twelve years old, he moved with his family to Shenandoah County...
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Jacob Bushong
Daguerreotype Discovered
In Rare Charter Oak Case

I was recently contacted by a Daguerreotype collector, who I'm pleased to announce has discovered and acquired a photograph of one of Henry Bushong (1783-1870) and Sarah Gilbert's (1787-1831) family...
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Bushong-Rakestraw Daguerreotypes
Are Sold!

What a family treasure to lose! Eleven Images from the Bushong Rakestraw Clan were sold On March 9, 2013, at the Daguerreian Society 2013 Symposium Annual Benefit Auction....
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Quaker Bushongs
of Lancaster County

Sallie Gilbert's Photo Album

What an exciting find and rare opportunity! Forty-nine newly rediscovered photographs. All in an original and untouched, Civil War era photo album. Also, it's fully identified with a total of 23 surnames! In this world, there are so many old photos without names and so many ancestors, who've never been seen...
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The 180 Year Old
Bushong Place,
Roanoke, Virginia

There are three beautiful black and white photographs, taken in the 1930s, of a two story brick house in Roanoke Virginia, titled "Bushong Farm, Salem Vicinity, Roanoke County, Virginia", in the Library of Congress...
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Albert Bushong, Dentist
Doc Bushong, Catcher

Albert John Bushong, DDS, better known as "Doc Bushong" was one of the most famous Major League Baseball catchers of the 19th century, and is one of a few actual celebrities in the Bushong family. He was also a major contributor to the final transformation of the catcher's mitt...
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John Chester Bushong

John Chester Bushong was born on a Sunday, September 12, 1869, near Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio. But it was his quest for knowledge and his passion for photography that would take him many places. Truly a man for all seasons he was successful in many pursuits...
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Want to help? Though a lot has been figured out about the Colonial Bushong family, there is still much that could be done. If you'd like to help, look below at the areas where more research is needed.
Credit will be given for all contributions.

Identifying ANCI's

In the Bushong United Tree, this term is added to the first name for those charted who's parents or lineage is not known. There are over 70 currently listed, from dates in the 1700s and into the late 1900s, some could be very easy and some could be extremely difficult.

Care to try your hand? Type in "ANCI" into a first name search of the Bushong United Tree to see them all.
Church Records

The LDS Libraries have most of the church records, from Germany and Switzerland on microfilm. They are sort of indexed, yet still require reading and interpreting the ancient German script.

This is a targeted approach, and specific places, dates, and people can be provided. There are already researchers working on it, but more are needed.

If you can get to an LDS library, near you and aren't afraid of the old hand writing, contact me so the searches can be coordinated.
Finding Old Photos

Old photos are extremely rare and important for a family's heritage. Bushong United is collecting them for all Bushongs through the sixth generation from the immigrants. Some are hidden in shoeboxes and others behind false walls at These are so important that any means necessary should be used to bring them into the public Bushong Heritage and protect them.

Want to know if a photo is from the first six generations? Email me or search the Bushong United family tree, for the immigrants, Hans John Bushong or Johann Nicholas Bushong, then select the "Pedigree" view and count how many generations to the immigrant. If it's six, including the immigrant then there's a place for it.
Filling in the Blanks

The Bushong United family tree has thousands of individuals in it. Most of the names are documented with some census or other civic records, and possibly Find a Grave memorial's copied into it. But some, mostly from previously documented lines, are blank in the notes, with no proof provided. Though the relationships are probably correct, the proof should be also added to their notes.

If you find one like that and would like to help, from or any other suitable place, copy and paste their civic records into one email, and send it so it can be included in their notes.
Find John Bushong's
Pre 1719 Warrant

If Daniel Rupp can find it,
so can we
It stands to reason that if John Bushong's (III) Lancaster land warrant was on the 1719 tax list that Daniel Rupp transcribed into his book, then the list or possibly the "early warranties" list, can be found again. They often have details.

Possibly it is even online at the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission website,here. On the other hand only part of the early warranties are available on line, so it may require a visit.

Any accurate information
will help!