The Bushong surname was originally spelled Boschung.

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Welcome to the Bushong United Family Tree Project.

The Bushong surname is possibly the easiest name in the world to chart and research. Why? Because it is such a rare surname that there are so few of them. Also the name has maintained its anglicized spelling, with only one minor variation. That and the work by pioneering family researchers and later the Bushong Bulletin, make it easy to research and chart. Any genealogist who tries to tell you otherwise, either doesn't know or is trying to inflate their own importance or expertise.

The Bushong United Family Tree has the goal of charting every Bushong and to discover the facts about this unique Colonial Family. Another goal is to dispel the myths of old and the myths of today. Old myths like the name came from Beauchamp, the Bushong Coat of Arms, as well as newer myths like Bosseng was a Bushong and others as they pop up.

So look here for the newest information about the old Bushong name and its genealogy.

By the way, you can find any Bushong discussed here and thousands more, charted in the Bushong United Family Tree at Rootsweb.

Note: these articles, images, and photographs will not be here, online, forever. If any of this information is relevant to your family, copy it, archive it, and back it up!
Rick Bushong

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Featured Articles...

Pink "John and William"
and Captain Tymperton
The Immigrants Voyage
In 1732, on the west bank of the Philadelphia Harbor, a small ship, named "John and William" finally pulled up to the docks and tied up. It was the last to arrive, out of eleven ships, that carried immigrants to Pennsylvania that year...

What's Happening

  Bushong Heirloom For Sale!

          The Johannes John Bushong Book

I've been contacted by a Book Seller, Ron Lieberman, of Kinzers, Pennsylvania and he is putting an old book on the market that apparently belonged to the immigrants, Hans and Barbara Bushong's grandson, Johannes John Bushong, (1750-1831) husband of Eve Dorthea Eckman.

BUSHONG LINEAGE: Johannes John Bushong/ Hans Philip and Anna Eva Hergard/ Hans and Barbara Bushong, the immigrants

The book, from his description is actually two books, bound as one, with one published in 1756 and the other in 1768. On the front fly leaf are eight lines of German cursive script that lists Johnannes John Bushong, his December 2 1777 marriage and several of the children.

Unfortunately, he is unable to photograph it at the moment, but it is assumed he will be able to do so, in order to sell the book. Here is his description...

The book: Des hocherleuchteten Johann Arndts ... Sämtliche Bücher vom wahren Christenthum : welche handeln von heilsamer Busse, hertzlicher Reue und Leid über die Sünde, und wahrem Glauben, auch heiligem Leben und Wandel der rechten wahren Christen ... auch einer Catechetischen einleitung ... samt dem Paradies-Gärtlein im groven druck herausgegeben ... Uniform Title: Wahres Christenthum. Selections
Author(s): Arndt, Johann, 1555-1621.
Publication: Frankfurt am Mayn, zu finden bey Heinrich Ludwig Brönner. Year: 1768
Description: Two works bound as one.
pp. [44], 1114, [52] + Over 50 remarkable engraved emblems. Title in black and red. The second work: Paradies-Gärtlein has special title page in black and individual paging. Imprint: Frankfurt am Mayn, Reinhard Eustachius Müller, 1756. pp. 24, 249, [7]
Thick 4to. 230 mm. Original alum tawed vellumized pigskin binding, nicely tooled in blind with flowers, vines and interlocking ropes.
All of the extraordinary emblematic plates are powerfully printed and well preserved. The frontis is laid in and probably comes from an 1850's American edition.

Ron Lieberman
The Family Album, ABAA
At the Old Mill
4887 Newport Road
Kinzers, PA 17535
Phone: 717 442 0220
FAX: 717 442 7904
Their retail price for the book is $ 1750.00...
But he is offering it to members of the Bushong family for $1,000
It is subject to prior sale.

Johann Arndt was a well known Christian writer in the late 16th and early 17th century. There are quite a few of his books available, but the seller says that the plates, and binding on this book are far above the common examples, and the known owner adds to its rarity too.

I was able to get a partial translation of the title from Google, that is something to the effect of..
The highly enlightened Johann Arndt's ... All Books from true Christianity: act of healing which buses hertzlicher repentance and sorrow for sin, and true faith, and holy life and walk the right true Christians ... also a Catechetischen introduction ... together with the Paradise Gärtlein in Groven printing edited ... Uniform Title: True Christianity.

Here's a chance to bring some of your Bushong line's heritage back into the family.

Feb. 18, 2014

Retouching Old Photographs

I've been asked how I'm able to retouch and restore some of these old photos, and I'm happy to say it's a free program, and downloadable. Having been in the old-photo restoration business, back in the days of silver halide photography, (pre-digital), I can tell you that the results available digitally, are so much better. In the old days, we used air-brush and restoration artists, painting on top of copy prints. One of the programs I frequently use is, PhotoScape. It's quite easy, with a little practice, and of course any work is done on a copy file. Here's examples of some, of what can be done, with a baseball card of Doc Bushong.

Original Doc Bushong baseball card. Click to enlarge.        Doc Bushong baseball card restored. Click to enlarge.
Before and after of a scan of one of Doc Bushong's baseball cards.
With this photo, there's as much work to do, as you want.
The mat was removed all together, on another example - see
the Doc Bushong article.

Here's a link to download Photoscape software. to PhotoScape for Download -I recommend it.
Jan. 30, 2014

Spotted on the Internet
What's Jacob Bushong's Lineage?

A query was recently spotted on the internet about lineage for Jacob Bushong (1806-1859), the father of Samuel L. Bushong, here...
  ...still trying to figure out this Jacob Bushong's parentage. I have posted about him, and the various other Jacob's in hopes of being able to solve the puzzle. So far no luck. ...January 2008, May 2009, June 2009, July 2009, August 2009, September 2009, October 2010, March 2013 and May 2013. Source: Boschong[sic] List
  Well, Jacob is one of almost 50 Jacob Bushong's in the Bushong United Family Tree. and was born July 2, 1806, in Shenandoah County, Virginia. He is also one of three Jacobs born that year, and he died 1859 in Ohio. Of all the charted Jacobs, there is only one, (born in 1912) who's lineage is not accounted for. See the list of 45 Jacob's born before 1930 or not living, Charted Jacob Bushong's. This particular Jacob Bushong is the son of John Jacob Bushong and Eva Catharina Bossert. His parents brought him as an infant from Virginia to Ohio, and he is proven by their wills.

BUSHONG LINEAGE: Samuel Lindsley. Bushong/Jacob Bushong and Hannah Clark/ John Jacob Bushong and Eva Catharina Bossert/ John Bushong and Elizabeth Sprenkel/ Hans John and Barbara Bushong, the immigrants

full size will (recorded)
The recorded will of Jacob's father
written May 9 1827.
One of the witnesses was Andrew Clark.

9 May 1827. "I, Jacob Bushong of Harrison Twp., Stark Co OH, to my much beloved wife Eve Catharina; to my oldest son John, 30 acres off the west side of the quarter section I now live on; to sons Samuel, Jacob, William, & Peter, daughters Elizabeth Windell, Catharina Hively & Sarah Kleckner.... My loving wife Eve Catharina to be executor of this my last will.
Signed: Jacob Bushong.

Probated in court 16 Aug 1830 Source: Stark Co Ohio Will Book B p53
Enlarge the document by clicking on it or view the original scan at Ohio, Probate Records, 1789-1996 Stark Wills 1811-1850 vol A-B Image 304 of 555. Jacob's wife's estate also mentions their son Jacob, in her 1836 estate papers...
27 June 1836, the verbal will of Catharine Eve Bushong, being a "memorandum of the words spoken by Catharine Eve Bushong...son Jacob; son Peter; son William; William's wife Caty; daughter Caty Hively; wearing apperral to my sons' wives, Jacob's wife, William's wife, & Peter's wife."
Probated in court 5 July 1836. Source: Carroll Co OH Probate Record A p153
In 1833 Carroll County was formed from part of Starke County, so Eva did not move.

Jan 20, 2014

A New Son For George Bushong and Lydia Rush??

According to Ross County marriage records on at, in 1834, in Ross County, Ohio, Henry Bushong married a Mary Delay, From the same source, also in Ross County, three of George Bushong and Lydia Rush's known children were married there, two in 1830 and one in 1832. A couple of years ago, Damon Hostetler, created a small family chart for George Bushong and Lydia Rush, showing Henry Bushong, as one of their sons. It is published here... Damon Hostetler's Chart. But there is no supporting documentation shown or listed for this association. Mr Hostetler is currently unavailable to provide documentation, but in the next few months has said he will dig into his old research and look for it. So for now there is an unsourced association of Henry Bushong with possible parents, George and Lydia Bushong. There were no descendants charted. But Henry's wife, Mary's probate papers list descendants...
Petition to Sell Land

Said is set for hearing Tuesday, 19 February 1876 and said Administrator is ordered to notify said Defendants according to law.S. Kramer, Probate Judge. This day came the said Jesse Hill, Administrator of Mary Bushong and filed his petition for a sale of the Real Estate of said decedent to pay debts.......

...The said Mary Bushawn died leaving the following named persons her heirs at law, having the next estate of inheritance in and to said Real Estate to wit: William Bushawn who resides at Petersburg, Menard County, Illinois, Aaron Bushawn who resides at Mahomet, Champaign County, Illinois, Henry Bushawn who resides at Raymond, Union County, Ohio, Nancy Losh, Mary Hill, Sarah Jane Ashley, Samuel Ashley and James Ashley who reside in Hardin County, Ohio and Nancy Ashley who resides in Clark County, Ohio.

Your Petitioner therefore prays that said Heirs at Law may be made Defendants to this Petition, that they may be notified of the precedeency hereof according to law. That your Petitioner may be authorized to sell said Real Estate according to the Statute in such case made and provided at Private sale.

Jesse Hill, Administrator of Mary Bushong deceased.
15 June 1876
Hardin County Ohio Probate Court - 15 June 1876
Estate of Mary Bushong
Settlements 1875 - 1882, Volume 4-5
Image 97 of 664
Volume 4, Pages 138 - 144

  A tip of the hat to the Boschong[sic] List for transcribing some of the estate papers of Mary Bushong/Bushon/Bushawn from the LDS scans. But still it would be a lot more helpful if links were provided. Here's one of the links for the FamilySearch.Org-Ohio, Probate Records, 1789-1996, Hardin Settlements 1875-1882 vol 4-5. Image 97 of 664. With heirs listed in the probate records it's possible through to chart their family, and several descendants have now been charted in the Bushong United Family Tree.

   The question is of course: What caused some of them to change the spelling of their last name from Bushong to Bushawn? I suspect it had a lot to do with loss of property in Kentucky and Ohio and being mad at the government. Source: Boschong[sic] List
  Mad at the Government? Highly unlikely. This in reference to Henry Warren Bushong's sons changing the spelling of their name to "Bushawn". A more reasonable explanation is literacy. After, their father, Henry died, thought to be in 1856, their mother, Mary, could not spell her husband's name and a misspelled version was allowed to be used. After all, it was rare for women of the day to be able to read and write, and son, William born about 1835 stated he could neither read or write in the 1870 census, (later in 1900 he said he could). So when her boys went off to join the Army during the Civil War, they misspelled their name. Afterwards, they kept the spelling, possibly because all their service and hence pensions were tied to that spelling.

  I wonder how many of you know that George Bushong and Lydia Rush had 15 children?
Source: Boschong[sic] List - no sources given.
This is not original and actually looks like it's a summation taken from Martha Creger Smith and Edward M. Bushong's compilation in an old 1986 Bushong Bulletin, Volume 2, pages 24 and 25, the same that was used as a basis for my now out of print, A Branch in the Bushong Family Tree, published 1989. This is the way it looked in 1989.
  1. Rosanna, born November 16, 1810
  2. A son, 1812
  3. Sarah, 1814
  4. Jackson, 1816
  5. James S., born April 15, 1818
  6. A daughter, 1819
  7. John, March 10, 1820
  8. Lewis, 1824
  9. George Jr., 1826
  10. A son, 1828
  11. Andrew, 1830
  12. Eliza, 1831
  13. Jefferson, 1834
  14. Maria, 1837
  15. Rachel, 1839
  16. .
   But actually a methodical study can prove 12 children of George Bushong and Lydia Rush. But first let's establish George's location for the census records.

  • 1820 Census, George Bushong, 1820, Franklin, Ross, Ohio
  • 1830 Census, George Bushong, 1830, Franklin, Ross, Ohio
    • 1834 George and Lydia moved to Riley, Putnam, Ohio - Hardesty's 1880 History of Putnam County, Ohio.
  • 1840 Census, George Bushong, 1840,Riley, Putnam, Ohio
  • 1850 Census, George Bushong, Riley, Putnam, Ohio family 71
  • 1860 Census, Geo Bushong, Pleasant Twp., Putnam, Ohio
  • 1870 Census, George Bushong, Providence Twp., Lucas County, Ohio - in household of Thomas and Rosannah Lake, son in law and daughter.
  • 1880 Census, George Bushong, Monroe, Allen, Ohio - in the house hold of Thomas Bunn, grandson.
George and Lydia's Children
  1. Rosanna (1810-1868), married James Bunn: George and Lydia are listed as parents in 1880 History of Putnam County, Ohio, published 1880 HH. Hardesty.
  2. Jane (1812-abt 1909), married Thomas Lake - same township 1850 Census,Riley, Putnam, Ohio, family 54, same household in 1870 Census, Also married same day as sister, Rosanna.See marriage record, below
  3. Sarah (1813-1894), married James D Wamsley - same township 1840 Census, next township over in 1850 Census, Pleasant Township, Putnam County, Ohio, family 411 1860 Census, Pleasant Township, Putnam County, Ohio, family 585
  4. Jackson (1815-1871) listed two households down from George in 1850 Census Riley, Putnam, Ohio, family 73
  5. James (1818-1895) George and Lydia are listed as parents in 1880 History of Putnam County, Ohio, published 1880 HH. Hardesty
  6. John (1820-1901) George and Lydia are listed as parents in 1880 History of Putnam County, Ohio, published 1880 HH. Hardesty
  7. Lewis (1824-1873) next household in 1850 Census Riley, Putnam, Ohio, family 72
  8. George(1826-1864) same household 1850 Census, Riley, Putnam, Ohio
  9. Andrew (1830-between 1850 and 1853)same township 1850 Census, Riley, Putnam, Ohio, family 40
  10. Eliza Bushong (1831-1841) tombstone in Pandora Cemetery inscribed Eliza dau of Geo & Lydia
  11. Jefferson (1833-1902) same household 1850 Census, Riley, Putnam, Ohio
  12. Maria "Mariah" Elizabeth Bushong (1836-1918) married Samuel Detwilder, 1860 Census, Pleasant Township, Putnam County, Ohio, family 647
Enlarge Marriage record of Rosannah and Jane Bushong July 30 1830 in Ross County, Ohio
Marriage record July 30 1830 in Ross County, Ohio
for sisters, Rosannah to James Bunn
and Jane Bushong and Thomas Lake

Ellery B. Crane's List
   This list published in 1907, is possibly the oldest accounting of George and Lydia's children and it shows 11 children...
  1. Jane, born about 1808.
  2. Rev. Jackson, born about 1810, minister of the Christian Church
  3. Sarah, born 1812
  4. Anna, born about 1814
  5. Lewis, born about 1816
  6. James, born April 15, 1818;
  7. Rev. John, born 1820, died February, 1901; farmer and minister of the Christian Church;
  8. Andrew, born 1824 died in California, whither he went during the gold fever of 1849
  9. George, born about 1826; soldier in the civil war
  10. Jefferson, born about 1828
  11. Maria, born about 1830
Source: Historic homes and institutions and genealogical and personal ..., Volume 4 By Ellery Bicknell Crane published 1907 Page 300.

Admittedly, there are some inaccuracies in Mr. Crane's book, for one it says all the children were born in Putnam County, when some were born in Ross. But the number of children appears to be accurate, even, though it omits, two daughters, Rachel and Eliza, which is understandable due to their young deaths. But there is no Henry Warren Bushong mentioned. Also this is true of the other census lists where there is no association of him with George and Lydia. And even though this Henry was married in Ross County, as were several of George and Lydia's children, there's no other known association. Until there is proof, it's difficult to chart him as a son. When additional evidence is presented it can be reevaluated.

Jan 19, 2014

John Bushong's Doctor Bill
Sepr 4th 1825 -Updated

John Bushong(1760-1825) died in the Franklin Township, Ross County, Ohio, probably in October, 1825, the probate bond was issued October 24, 1825. But we don't know the actual date. But the doctor, David Wills, was called to attend to John in September. Here's his bill to the estate.

The bill, from John Bushong Senior's, probate papers for medicine and attendance by David Wills, his doctor. This bill was written the 27th of May, 1827, but there's a date noted for when the charge was made, and some of us think it looks like Sepr "4 th" 1825 or is it an "11 th"? It's quite likely that this was when John first became sick or was injured. But as you can see, below, there's a smear of ink on part of the date.

Doctor's enlarge    other See full sized document

But the smeared date, when compared with a different document's date, looks more like a "4", so the date is probably Sepr 4th, 1825. In addition, if you look at the full bill there's a number "46" next to attendance, could this be days, as in 46 days in attendance? It doesn't say. But 46 days after September 4th is October 20th. Did John die on October 20th 1825? And four days later probate was started?

John's doctor is listed on Find a Grave and from it we can see, Dr David Wills lived 1798-1873 and his bio confirms he was a Chillicothe, doctor. Seeing Dr Wills' memorial on Find a Grave, with a nice photo of his tombstone, as well as several other people seen in the probate papers, ads validity to documents as well as John Bushong's life. After all, they all played a part in John Bushong's life.

The complete set of probate papers from John Bushong Senior's file are now captioned and stored as part of the Bushong United Old Papers and Photos library. See them here...

Jan 9, 2014
updated Jan 13, 2014

John Bushong(1760-1825) Estate Papers
Husband of Jennette Young Summers and Elizabeth Breedlove
Click to enlarge
John Bushong senior's signature, February 19, 1824, extracted from
his estate papers, -image 356.
There are other examples of his signature.

Click to enlarge
Here's the full document. See the original scan of the document
here: -image 356

The estate papers of John Bushong, son of Andrew and Catherine Bushong, who was husband to first Jennette Young and second Elizabeth Breedlove, are published on, here. Estate Papers Start. They are images 393 to 477. They deal mostly with his second wife, Elizabeth Breedlove (maiden name not known). There are several inventories sheets, as well as on-going bills of John before he died. Mentioned in the papers are these descendants, John Bushong Jr. James Bushong, George Bushong, and Sarah(Sally) Bushong Mitchel, as well as her husband, John, and several of John's stepchildren. There are also several clear autographs of John Sr. and son George Bushong (1788-1880), as well as one of son, James, now spelling his name Bushong.

Here's John's son, George Bushong's signature extracted from a
September 22 1826 document. It matches other known signatures for him.
It is from - image 342

Click to enlarge
Here's the full document. A bill from Charles Blane, that occurred
November 18, 1823 for 8 Sider[sic] $7.00 and 4 Apple $1.00 {bushels?}
See the original scan here: Family - image 342

These images here, have been cropped to the actual documents, and will enlarge if clicked on. But there are 84 pages in all, and I have copied most of them. Like these images, they are published here on the Bushong United Website, so everyone can see and study them. Look for more about these in the future. By the way, there is no will with the papers, but there is still much that can be gleaned from these almost 190 year old documents.

Jan 6, 2014

Is Lydia Rush the Daughter of Lewis and Rosannah Rush?

George Bushong 1788-1880               Lydia Rush Bushong cropped and oval

George Bushong 1788-1880 and Lydia Rush Bushong 1791-1864

While it is not proven that Lydia Rush, wife of George Bushong is a daughter of Lewis and Rosannah Rush/Roush, some researchers believe that she may be, even though there is one dissenting opinion...
  "Lydia Rush is not the daughter of Lewis Rush and wife Rosannah!" Source: Boschong[sic] List

This because Lydia was not mentioned in the will? But, it was a common occurrence, that not all children were mentioned in estates, and opinions aside, there are a considerable number of indicators, that she is. I lean in that direction. If there is any evidence proving that she is not, I would like to see it. Lacking that, there is incidental evidence, that when put together makes a fairly strong argument that she is a daughter of Lewis and Rosannah Rush and sister of Eleanor. This considering the fact that the first Bushong descendants to be named Lewis were children and grandchildren of the alleged sisters, Lydia Rush Bushong and Eleanor Rush Bushong.

  1. Lydia and her sister, Eleanor were both married in Ross County, seven years apart, (1809 and 1816)
  2. Lydia and George Bushong named their first born, Rosannah in 1810, (after her mother)
  3. Rosannah Bushong's nickname is Roseanny, her grandmother, is called Rosanny Rush
  4. Lydia and George Bushong named a son, Lewis in 1824 (after her father)
  5. Lydia and George Bushong's son, John Bushong and Sarah Smith named a son Lewis in 1842 (after his grandfather)
  6. Lydia and George Bushong's daughter Rosannah Bushong named a son Lewis (Bunn) in 1857, (after her grandfather)
  7. Lydia and George Bushong's grandson, John Stout Bushong named a son Lewis Bushong in 1881, (after his great grandfather)
  8. George Bushong's brother, John Jr., married one of Lewis and Rosannah Rush's daughter's, Eleanor
  9. John Bushong and Eleanor Rush named a daughter Lydia in 1828 (after her sister)

  10. Sources: Located in Bushong United Family Tree, individual notes.
There are also plenty of descendants named Lewis in John Bushong and Eleanor Rush's tree, which is as expected, including a son, Lewis born in 1818. As such, the name Lewis was started in the Bushong tree in honor of Lewis Rush. So for now, we can say that Lewis and Rosannah Rush/Roush are Eleanor Rush Bushong's parents and they are likely Lydia's, too. But it still needs more research, just like the possibility that John Adam Roush (1711-1786) and Susan Schlern are Lewis' parents.

BUSHONG LINEAGE: George Bushong/ *John Bushong and Jennette Young Summers/ Andrew Anthony and Mary Catherine Bushong/ Johann Nicholas and Magdalena Boschung, the immigrants. *George's paternity is traditionally John Bushong, but one son's descendants, didn't match Bushong DNA.

Jan 4, 2014

Lewis Rush's Original 1815 Will
Father of Eleanor Rush Bushong and Possibly Lydia Rush Bushong

"In the name of God. Amen.
I, Lewis Rush of Ross County, Franklin Township, in the State of Ohio, Being weak in Body But in Perfect senses, Do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following to wit, VIZ: That is to say, I give and recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God who gave it.
I make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following: That is to say, In the first place to pay all my Just Debts and Demands. I have given and bequeathed to my Daughter alander[sic] one father[sic] bed and clothing. And Lastly as to all the Rest Residue and Remainder of my personal Estate, goods and chattels of what kind and nature --. I give and bequeath the same to my said Beloved wife Rosanny Rush whom I hereby appoint sale Executrix of this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former Wills by me made.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 8th day of June in the year One thousand Eight hundred and Fifteen.
Lewis Rush
His X Mark and Seal

Signed, Sealed, Published and Declared by the above named Lewis Rush to be his last Will and Testament in the Presence of us who have hereunto Subscribed our names as witnesses in the presence of the Testator."

John Bishong
James Bishong
Sarey Barny

Source: Ross County Ohio Probate Case Files (1803 - 1866) No. 6931 - 6997 #6946, LDS Images 947 - 953 (of 1769).
  A tip of the hat to the Boschong[sic] List, for pointing out and transcribing the Lewis Rush/Roush/Rousch/Rausch Will, located at But, it would save time and encourage participation if links were provided, like these, Lewis Rush will on, part 1 and part 2. They also queried what the word was, after "I bequeath to my Daughter" alander.

To answer, I believe "alander" is a misspelled "Elender", a nick name for his daughter, Eleanor Rush, who was unmarried at the time. Since on their 1816 marriage record, her name is Elender, we can say that this is the Eleanor, who married John Bushong Jr., and complete the familial association. Here's the marriage record...

"John Bishong junior and Elender Rush, May 12th 1816"

There's also a possibility that Lydia Rush, who married George Bushong, is a daughter of Lewis Rush, too. This from several tree's with no source, and the inference that brothers John Jr. and George married Rush sisters. We can't say for sure, because there's also a possibility that Lewis was the son of John Adam Roush, (it still needs vetting) and John had a lot of sons.

The original document was written by John Bushong Jr. and there is a nice signature for him and his brother, James, that can be extracted from it, too.

John Bushong Jr. (1797-1895) and James Bushong, (abt 1784-1824) signatures.

The rest of the Lewis Rush Estate papers have been saved here.
BUSHONG LINEAGE: James and John Bushong Jr./ John Bushong and Jennette Young Summers/ Andrew Anthony and Mary Catherine Bushong/ Johann Nicholas and Magdalena Boschung, the immigrants.

Jan. 2, 2014

Isaac Newton Bushong and Grace Watts
1911 Marriage Announcement

The Bushong - Watts wedding announcement.

Dr. Grace D. Watts, Evanston, Ill., daughter of Mrs. T. Murray Watts of Canton, Pa., was married to Isaac Newton Bushong, of Gladstone, Mich., April 11. Only a few intimate friends and relatives witnessed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. Bushong left immediately for a trip through the South and East, including a stay at Washington, D. C., and New Orleans, La. They will be at home after June 15 in Gladstone, Mich.

I. N. Bushong is well known to the slack cooperage trade, having been in the business for many years, and is now associated and one of the large stockholders with the Northwestern Cooperage & Lumber Co., of Gladstone, Mich. This company is one of the largest manufacturers of slack staves, hoops and heading in the North; has a large veneer plant and lumber mill and hardwood flooring plant, in addition, to large timber holdings in the Northern Peninsula.

The many friends of Mr. Bushong, including the editor of the Barrel and Box, extend to him and his bride heartiest congratulations and wish them many happy years to come.
Source: Barrel and Box and Packages, Volume 16, Published 1911, By Edgar Harvey Defebaugh, Page 27. Barrel and Box
There are four Isaac Newton Bushongs in the Bushong United Family Tree. They are born all over, including Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. This Isaac was born in Ohio-Columbus Grove, Ohio, in Putnam County, on Sep. 18, 1855 and he lived until May 7 1932. He is a well known and successful Bushong entrepreneur, and had interests in many businesses, of which one manufactured barrel parts. In 1911, about six and a half years after, his first wife, Mary Alice Scott, (Jan 29, 1856 to Oct. 20, 1904), died, Isaac married a second time to, Dr. Grace D. Watts, (1868 to 1928). In 1911, one of the trade magazines, published the above wedding announcement with the photograph of Isaac and his new bride, Grace.

BUSHONG LINEAGE: Isaac Newton Bushong/ John Bushong and Sarah Smith/ George Bushong and Lydia Rush/ John Bushong and Jennette Young Summers/ Andrew Anthony Bushong and Mary Catherine/ Johann Nicholas and Magdalena Bushong, the immigrants

And from another book, Homes Illustrated.....

Isaac Newton Bushong's Home
Planned for Leipsic, Ohio

What a grand home!
This is Isaac's plans for a beautiful home, pictured in about 1897. It was thought to have been built in Leipsic, Ohio, but is not found there. Possibly it was made in Gladstone,Michigan, where he lived for many years? It's interesting they note it as costing $8,000.

The floor plans of Isaac's house. Care to build one?    Home Illustrated - large image
The Isaac Newton Bushong Leipsic Home Plans from Homes Illustrated, in around 1897, illustrations 81 and 82.

Dec. 29, 2013

Jacob Bushong's Underground Railway Activity

On to Liberty, 1867, by Theodor Kaufmann, (1814-1896). Oil on canvas

Before the Civil War, Jacob Bushong, who's daguerreotype photograph was recently found, was a noted conductor for the Pennsylvania Underground Railway. Jacob, who was called, "a quiet but devoted laborer in the cause of freedom", along with his father, Henry, and other Bushongs, helped smuggle slaves to freedom for many years. There is a good article called A House Divided in Leben Magazine, published Oct-Dec issue, 2011, (link below). The article is based on The History of the Underground Railroad in Chester and the Neighboring Counties of Pennsylvania, (1883), by Robert Clemen Smedley. pages 71-77.

BUSHONG LINEAGE: Jacob Bushong/ Henry Bushong and Sarah Gilbert/ Johannes John Bushong and Eve Dorothea Eckman/ Hans Philip Bushong and Anna Eva Hergard/ Hans and Barbara Bushong, the immigrants.

Here is and excerpt of A House Divided.

"About the year 1831, a person calling himself William Wallace, but whose slave name was "Snow," came to Wm. Kirk's in West Lampeter township, Lancaster county. Here he worked for some time, then went to Joshua Gilbert's in Bart township, and afterwards was employed by Henry Bushong, who had now removed to Bart township, and whose place became one of the Underground Railroad stations. After remaining there two years, his wife and child were brought to him from one of the Carolinas. He then took a tenant house on the place, in which he and his family resided two years longer. While there another child was born to them.

In the summer of 1835 while he and Jacob Bushong were at work in the barn they observed four men in a two-horse wagon drive into the lane, accompanied by two men on horse-back. Jacob thought them a "suspicious looking crowd," and told Wallace to keep out of sight while he went out to meet them. They inquired if Mr. Wallace lived there. Jacob replied in the negative, satisfying his conscience by means of the fact that William lived at the tenement house, but worked for him. Pointing towards Wallace's house they asked if his family lived there; to which he made no reply. Leaving their horses in charge of two of the men, they went to the house, tied his wife, brought her and the oldest child to the wagon, loaded them in, took them to the Lancaster county jail, and lodged them there. The youngest child being born on free soil was left with a colored woman who happened to be in the house at the time. From there they went to John Urick's, a colored man, whose wife had escaped from slavery with Wallace's wife. They bound her, took her to jail also, and had the two women placed in the same cell while they started out on another hunt.

The startling news soon spread throughout the country, and was immediately carried to that foremost friend of the slave, Daniel Gibbons. Very early next morning the two women came to his house. The family would not have been more surprised had an apparition come suddenly into their midst. When asked how they came, one of them said, "I broke jail." "How did you do it?".........
The article continues and has other anecdotes, all informative, but unfortunately, the author, did not research Jacob's and the Bushong's history, reprinting the same old mistakes, that the Bushong descend from Beauchamp, and were French Huguenot, both, known fallacies. Mr. Smedley's book is also worth reading. In the Leben magazine, there is also an article about the Field of Lost Shoe's about the VMI Cadets, which contains an account written by Edward Mark Bushong, a veteran soldier, also a good read. Here are links.

Dec. 27, 2013

So what ever happened to Captain Tymperton?
"a Man well known and respected for his comical facetious disposition"

By now, most will be familiar with Constable Tymperton, aka Captain Tymperton the Captain of the Pink "John and William", that Johann Nicholas Bushong and family immigrated in. But, what ever happened to him after his ruinous transatlantic crossing in 1732? Well, the ships records don't even mention a first name and it isn't certain, but given the rarity of the surname and the spelling of it, Tymperton, instead of the more common "Temperton", as well as, someone called Captain Tymperton, it seems like a good bet that this Captain is the one. And after you see what he's doing, you may think he was better suited to this calling than sailing.

Exposition on the Common prayer, February 22 1737 No.XXXII

Found in the Exposition on the Common Prayer, February 22 1737 No.XXXII

Captain Tymperton, Master of Will's Coffee House, to succeed him. (no elargement)

And translated... rather transcribed - "We hear from Scarborough, that last Week died there the famous Dickey Dickinson, Master of the Spaw Wells, remarkable for his Deformity and his Impudence. The Bailiffs, we hear have appointed Captain Tymperton, Master of Wills Coffee House, to succeed him, a Man well known and respected for his comical facetious Disposition. The Corporation have resolv'd to build a new and commodious House for the Company, on a Rock beyond Dickey's Pier, which will be a much better Situation, and out of Danger of any Shoots from the Cliffs, and screen'd more from the Wind." Source: Exposition on the Common Prayer
He's the Master of a coffee house in, Scarborough, a port town on the North Sea coast of North Yorkshire, England! He had been at Will's Coffee House on Russell Street, Covent Garden, (northwest corner of Bow Street), in London. Will's Coffee House, was a very well known coffee house, beginning in the 1660's.[source] And with a little more searching...
Dicky Dickinson, Master of Spaw Wells before Tymperton,
Extracted from the London Magazine, "It is stated that Dickinson was buried at the old church at Scarborough, but there does not appear that any monument was erected to him. On a flat stone, facing the south entrance of that church, is inserted a metal plate bearing the following inscription to the memory of Dicky Dickinson's successor in office:"

"Here lyeth the body of Mr. William Tymperton, late Governour of Scarborough Spaw, who departed this Life on the 12th day of January, 1755, aged 65."
Source: Notes and Queries, published 1860, Page 110
It appears, around four years after the Pink "John and William" debacle, our Captain Tymperton is being touted as the replacement for the eccentric late Dicky Dickinson, Master, of Spaw Wells, that was a locally famous spaw (spring), and apparently featured a coffee house. From this, we can gather that, Captain William Tymperton, was born in 1690 and he was buried in 1755, in the Scarborough Church Cemetery, North Yorkshire, England. That would make him about 42 years old, when he would have sailed the Pink "John and William".

In England, in the latter part of 17th century on through the 18th century, coffee houses became the rage. They sold coffee for a penny a cup, becoming known as Penny Universities and were filled with a caffeine-charged clientele. Apparently it took someone like Tymperton, "a Man well known and respected for his comical facetious Disposition" to keep up with the amped-up customers. It appears he was better at it than captaining a ship, since they noted it on his tombstone!

Happy Holidays!
Dec 24, 2013

Captain Diemer's Commission
Capt Diemer's Commission, (sorry only enlarges a little).
image will enlarge a little.

Some may recall Capt. John Diemer, who was the Kings officer who pressed Andrew Anthony Bushong, the immigrant into the King's Militia. Andrew was enlisted by Diemer Aug. 5 1746.

Way, back in December 1, 2001, the auction house of Goldberg Coins & Collectibles, in Los Angeles, California, sold Diemer's original June 5 1746 Royal Commission. Here's their description of Lot 229...

Thomas, George. Manuscript Document Signed("Geo. Thomas"). One page, small oblong folio, Philadelphia, June 5, 1746. Being a military commission for one John Diemer. Paper and wax seal intact. Toning to edges, minor chipping, verso of folds strengthened with tape, minor surface soil. Very good condition. Estimated Value $1,200 - 1,500. Realized $920

Commissioned a captain, Diemer is authorized " beat up for Volunteers within the said Government in order to raise a Company which is to consist of one hundred Men including four Sergeants, Four Corporals and Two Drummers, of which you are to be Captain, Provided you shall complete your Levy in time for Marching the said Company to Albany...for an Expedition against Canada."

At over 250 years old, it's obviously a valuable artifact, yet it's just a piece of paper. But what I find interesting, is without this piece of paper, there would have been no commission for Diemer, and Andrew Bushong, probably would have had a much different life. This Royal Commission was quite possibly held by Andrew himself, so he could read the legal justification Diemer had to "Enlist" him. I had to look up the expression beat up for Volunteers, but it refers to the use of a drum to rally volunteers and troops, as in ordering a Drum to beat up for Volunteers. It's amazing this artifact is still around after all these years, and although the only photo available is small, I feel we're lucky to have even it, from 12 years back.

Dec 10 2013

Is Henry Bushong's Daguerreotype Discovered?
Composite photo with a possible Henry Bushong and his son Jacob for comparison
Now that Jacob Bushong's Daguerreotype has been identified (see Article on Jacob's photo), it's possible to compare it with the batch of nine Daguerreotypes and two Ambrotypes, that were identified as the Rakestraw and Bushong family (see Rakestraw Bushong photos). The photos were all taken in the same period, the 1850's, and among the Rakestraw group, there are two old folk. Knowing the Rakestraw genealogy, specifically, that the parents, Thomas Rakestraw and Mary Lippincott had died in the 1840's, it leaves only Henry Bushong, who was Jacob's father, and his second wife, Esther Valentine. It was Henry's daughter, Lydia who married Abraham Rakestraw.

Possibly Esther Valentine Bushong

Woman, in typical Plain Dress, Quaker fashion, even the brass mat of the photograph is plain and without ornamentation. Henry and his second wife were members of the Society of Friends, a Quaker sect. Is it possible, this is Henry's second wife, Esther Valentine Bushong?

Study them what do you think? Is it Henry and Esther Bushong that are the old folks in the grouping?

BUSHONG LINEAGE: Abraham Rakestraw and Lydia Bushong/ Henry Bushong and Sarah Gilbert/ Johannes John Bushong and Eve Dorothea Eckman/ Hans Philip Bushong and Anna Eva Hergard/ Hans and Barbara Bushong, the immigrants.

Dec. 9, 2013

From the "You Can't Believe Everything You Read" Department

   Benjamin Franklin Bushong Died in Infancy Source: Boschong[sic] List

This month it was spotted on the internet that Martin Bushong and Catherine Sharp Bushong's son, Benjamin Franklin Bushong, died in infancy! I'll bet Franklin's (he went by his middle name) descendants, would be very surprised to know, they don't exist!

    Born in 1859, Franklin lived until 1934. He had two wives and six children. Franklin is buried in the Mellinger Mennonite Cemetery, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He has a Find a Grave memorial complete with a tombstone that confirms the dates.

It was also speculated that Franklin's father, Martin, was not the son of Jonathan Bushong and Ann Martin, solely because their grandson, Rufus Martin Bushong, said in his father's death report that his father was John Bushong and his mother was Kate Martin, noting the Martin family did not have a Katherine "Kate" listed". But, Kate is obviously Ann's first or middle name, either or Rufus made a mistake. A mistake would be easy to believe, since Rufus' grandparents had died over 30 years before he was even born! Further, Ann, his grandmother, had been dead more than 60 years when Rufus filled out his father's death report.

BUSHONG LINEAGE: Benjamin Franklin Bushong/ Martin Bushong and Catherine Sharp/ Jonathan Bushong and Ann Martin/ Philip Bushong and Margaret Smith/ Hans Philip Bushong and Anna Eva Hergard/ Hans and Barbara Bushong, the immigrants

Dec. 7, 2013

Tracing Your Huguenot Ancestors Pod Cast

The immigrant Bushong families of both brothers, Hans John and Johann Nicholas were members of the Swiss Reformed faith when they arrived in 1731 and 1732 respectively. When they attended church in Pennsylvania, it was in Reformed Churches. They were not Huguenot's, but the term was so loosely used in the 18th century, that many immigrants were lumped into that category. But I found this audio Pod-cast very interesting. Dr. Chater obviously knows her genealogy and 18th century immigrants.

Author: Dr Kathleen Chater
Published date: 14 December 2012
Between the 16th and 18th centuries, many thousands of refugees fled from religious persecution in the Low Countries and France. These refugees left descendants in Britain and many people have family stories of Huguenot descent. This talk will help you find out if you too have an asylum seeker in your own family tree.

Dr Kathleen Chater has been tracing her own family history for over 30 years. She has taught genealogy and has written books and articles on the subject, including Tracing Your Huguenot Ancestors and Tracing Your Family Tree in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Kathy is a member of the Huguenot Society.

The Pod-cast is about 52 minutes long, and I recommend it.

  Listen Here... Tracing Huguenot Ancestors

Dec. 1, 2013

Andrew Anthony Bushong
The Immigrant
Part 1: The Early Years
Andrew Bushong, the immigrant and pioneer, had an unusual and hard life. Born Andreas Anton Boschung in about 1718, he was German-Swiss by nationality, and a son of Johann Nicholas Boschung and his wife, Magdalena...

Andrew Anthony Bushong
The Immigrant
Part 2: Andrew's Return
In America, war began again in 1754, when the long simmering problems Britain had with France and the Indian Nations, including the Delaware and Shawnee, erupted...

The Origin of the Bushong/Boschung Surname
For well over a hundred years, American researchers, have been documenting and charting the Bushong surname. A surname which is derived from a native tongue that most, if not all of them, are completely unfamiliar with - Schweizerdeutsch or translated, Swiss German....

John Chester Bushong
John Chester Bushong was born near Columbus Grove, Putnam County, Ohio, but his quest for knowledge and his passion for photography took him many places. He was a man who was successful in numerous pursuits, including, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Artist, Musician, Bicycle Racer, Bronco-rider, and Photographer. He truly was, a man for all seasons...

Albert Bushong, Dentist
Doc Bushong, Catcher

Albert John Bushong, DDS, better known as "Doc Bushong" was one of the most famous Major League Baseball catchers of the 19th century, and is one of a few actual celebrities in the Bushong family. He is also considered by many, to have been a major contributor to the final transformation of the catcher's mitt...
John Bushong Senior
1825 Ohio Estate Papers
These are the Probate/Estate papers of John Bushong Senior, (1760-1825) who's first wife was Jennette Young Summers and second wife was the widow Elizabeth Breedlove. The collection of documents range from 1822 thru 1825 and up to 1830...
Jacob Bushong's
Rare Daguerreotype Discovered!
I was recently contacted by a Daguerreotype collector, who I'm pleased to announce has discovered and acquired a photograph of one of Henry Bushong (1783-1870) and Sarah Gilbert's (1787-1831) family...

The 180 Year Old Bushong Place,
Roanoke, Virginia
There are two beautiful black and white photographs, taken in the 1930's, of a two story brick house in Roanoke Virginia, titled "Bushong Farm, Salem vic., Roanoke County, Virginia", in the Library of Congress...

Bushong-Rakestraw Daguerreotypes
Are Sold!
Eleven Images from the Bushong Rakestraw Clan were sold On March 9, 2013, at the Daguerreian Society 2013 Symposium Annual Benefit Auction....
Read More

Murder Lurks
on the
Pink "John and William"
After a long and deadly transatlantic crossing, the Pink "John and William" finally docked in Philadelphia, October 17, 1732. During their journey, none of the crew, and passengers, including, Johann Nicholas Boschung and his family had known that one of their fellow passengers was being stalked by another passenger, and someone would be found dead, shortly after their arrival...

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